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Recreational vehicles, motorhomes, and campers are great for touring the countryside and enjoying the outdoors, but they are also prone to defects and often subject to recalls. Unlike the auto industry, the RV market has a wider variety of manufacturers and vendors, and its products are subject to much less federal and state regulations and oversight.

Compounding the problem is the fact that most RV dealers provide poor service and lack the technical knowledge they need to correctly diagnose and repair defects. Again, in contrast to the auto industry, the RV market has very few repair technicians who have received extensive training and certification to properly service the vehicles the dealers sell.

While the RV Lemon Law of some states cover the vehicle portion of some types of RVs (for example, the engine, chassis, and driver/passenger cabin), the living quarters of RVs, motorhomes and campers are generally exempt from the protections afforded by state Lemon Law RV regulations.

Timothy Abeel & Associates represents the owners of RVs, motorhomes and campers in:

  • Lemon Law claims (where applicable)
  • Federal and state consumer protection claims
  • Breach of warranty claims and litigation against RV, motorhome and camper manufacturers and their dealers

Given the range of possible legal avenues for consumer claims and compensation, it takes an experienced consumer protection attorney to enforce the rights of RV, motorhome and camper owners. So, if you’re looking for “RV attorneys near me”, Timothy Abeel & Associates have you covered and can assist with your claim. We can help you get the money for required repairs or receive fair compensation for a new RV that failed to meet safety or product quality and performance requirements.

Proven RV Experience

At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we believe that no one should be stuck with a defective recreational vehicle, motor home or camper. Our legal team has a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes, whether through arbitration, mediation or litigation.

Unlike most Lemon Law firms, Timothy Abeel & Associates has handled cases and claims across a wide range of recreational vehicles, including:

  • Fifth Wheel Trailers
  • Class C Motorhomes
  • Class B Motorhomes
  • Class A Motorhomes

We have successfully sued and prosecuted claims against all the major RV manufacturers, including:

  • Forest River
  • Jayco
  • Winabago
  • Grand Design
  • Newmar
  • Tiffin
  • REV
  • Keystone

No matter what type of recreational vehicle you own or which company made it, we will work to protect your rights—and your investment, helping you navigate the complexities of Lemon Law on campers.

How We Handle RV Cases

We have a well-earned reputation for holding RV manufacturers and dealers accountable for violations of their warranties and helping our clients obtain the compensation they deserve.

We will conduct a thorough evaluation of the facts of your case and carefully explain your rights as a consumer and your various options for achieving a good result through Lemon Law for campers.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover damages up to three times the amount of your actual losses plus reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.


Before taking formal legal action, we may contact the manufacturer and dealer in writing and demand that they correct the problem in accordance with RV consumer protection laws.

If a negotiation strategy fails to get you the compensation you deserve, our experienced RV Lemon Law attorney team have the knowledge and skill to pursue a lawsuit on your behalf under all applicable state and federal laws.

Timothy Abeel & Associates Protects RV Buyers

At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we believe consumers have a right to be treated fairly and that RV companies and their dealers who breach their legally mandated warranties must be held accountable. We have extensive experience in all aspects of consumer law and a well-earned reputation for successfully fighting for our clients’ rights in various RV Lemon Law cases. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a defective RV or breach of warranty, call our office today at 888-611-5481 for a free consultation or complete the contact form on our website. Someone on our friendly staff will respond to you promptly.

Recent model year Multiple Models are experiencing the following defects:

Structural failure
  • Broken internal welds in the RV’s frame
  • Cracks in fiberglass in the corners of the RV’s body
  • Unsquare and “popping-off” of trim arising from structural failure
Is your vehicle affected by this defect?

Water Damage from Bad Fit & Finish
  • Soft spots on the RV’s floor from a roof leak
  • Soft spots on the RV’s roof from leaks
  • Leaks around the shower skylight, front cap seal or rear cap seal
  • Damage from window and door leaks—usually caused by faulty installation at the factory, for example:
    • Improper fitting (wrong-size window was placed in wall opening; or opening was cut to the wrong size)
    • Frame of the coach/trailer was not square before installation or there is frame damage and the windows are flexing
    • Sealant not applied properly (wrong sealant, lack of craftsmanship, or over/under tightening)
    • Window or door was removed for warranty work and not reinstalled properly.
Is your vehicle affected by this defect?

Water Damage from Plumbing Defects
  • Loose fittings from the factory
  • Improperly sealed pipes
  • Improperly fitted piping/hoses
  • Poorly installed toilets and other fixtures
  • Misprogrammed tank level indicators that cause flooding
Is your vehicle affected by this defect?

Interior Trim & Molding Defects
  • Trim and molding falling off, warped and broken due to:
    • Poor craftmanship at the factory or during a warranty-covered repair
    • Water damage and plumbing leaks
  • Laminate peeling off, broken particle board and cabinet latches
  • Peeling floors, cracked tiles
  • Slide-out partitions are misaligned – walls don’t extend evenly or to their full length
  • Camper doors not closing because of “twisting”
Is your vehicle affected by this defect?

  • Electrical Wiring Defects
  • Suspension Problems
  • Tire Blowouts
  • Battery Failure
Is your vehicle affected by this defect?

  • Sound systems
  • Security systems
  • Digital Assistants
Is your vehicle affected by this defect?

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