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What is the Lemon Law in Georgia?

Have you ever driven off the lot with a new car, only to find it plagued with issues shortly after? Thanks to the Lemon Law, GA consumers like you can now be protected from faulty vehicles thanks to this pivotal legislation.

So, what is the Georgia Lemon Law, and how does it protect consumers who purchase defective vehicles?

With the Lemon Law, Georgia residents are ensured that if their newly purchased vehicle doesn’t meet the quality and performance standards promised, they’re entitled to a proper remedy — a replacement or refund. Qualifying vehicles are primarily those passenger motor vehicles that are self-propelled and sold in Georgia. And it’s not just brand-new cars; under the Georgia Lemon Law, used cars are provided protection, ensuring that even pre-owned vehicles meet quality standards. But how do you navigate this legal maze of the Lemon Law in Georgia?

Call for a consultation from the office of Timothy Abeel & Associates. We specialize in the intricate terrains of Lemon Law and are here to guide Georgia residents every step of the way.


Why Should You Call a Georgia Lemon Law Attorney?

  • Expert Guidance: Deciphering the complexities of the Lemon Law can be daunting. A specialized Georgia Lemon Law attorney ensures you get all entitled compensation due to technicalities.
  • Swift Resolution: A proficient Georgia Lemon Law attorney expedites the process. With Timothy Abeel & Associates, most cases are settled within 30 to 90 days, ensuring you’re not stranded with a defect.
  • No Additional Costs: Questions about legal fees? The Lemon Law’s unique structure mandates the vehicle manufacturer to bear all legal costs if the consumer triumphs, ensuring you get the justice you deserve without the financial burden.
  • Beyond Lemon Law: Even if your vehicle doesn’t strictly meet the general Lemon Law requirements, a Georgia Lemon Law attorney can assist under other consumer protection laws, ensuring you always have legal recourse.

Knowing your rights and protections is essential. Partner with a reliable Georgia Lemon Law lawyer to ensure you’re well-informed and prepared for a just resolution.



Presumption: during term of protection (earlier of warranty term or one year following delivery), either (1) 3 or more repair attempts or (2) out-of-service for 30 or more calendar days. 

Passenger motor vehicles that are self-propelled, sold in Georgia, and subject to registration and title in Georgia or any other state. Excludes motorized bicycles; motor homes used as a dwelling place, living abode or sleeping place; garden tractors; recreational vehicles or off-road vehicles; and vehicles over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight.

No, motorcycles, boats, and unregistered off-road vehicles do not qualify as vehicles under Georgia’s Lemon Law

“Substantially impair” is defined to mean to render a vehicle unreliable or unsafe for normal operation or to reduce its resale market value below the average resale value for comparable vehicles.

If the manufacturer, its agent, or an authorized dealer is unable to conform the motor vehicle to any applicable express warranty by correcting a nonconformity after a reasonable number of attempts, then the manufacturer must replace or repurchase the motor vehicle. 

If the problems with your vehicle started after the first year or outside the warranty period (whichever is longer), you may still be protected under the Magnuson-Moss warranty act, which provides for loss in value.

No this is free of charge you will not pay counsel fees. 

The Lemon Law is designed so that the owner of a defective vehicle is fully reimbursed and not stuck paying additional expenses or costs. The law includes a fee-shifting provision that requires the vehicle manufacturer to pay all attorneys’ fees and other legal costs if the consumer wins the case IN ADDITION TO reimbursement for all repairs and service visits at the dealer.

All your expenses are paid whether you choose the repurchase remedy, replacement vehicle remedy or a cash and keep settlement.

Yes, we file Lemon Law claims for vehicle owners throughout Georgia no matter where they live in the state. If we need to have an expert inspect your vehicle and write a report, we will send that person to you.

A substantial amount of cases settle in 30 to 90 days. If you're trying to navigate the Lemon Law with used cars in Georgia specifically, our firm has the expertise to ensure a timely resolution. We will work to get our clients’ cases resolved as quickly as possible for the best result possible, with a goal of settling each case within the first 30 to 90 days. If we can’t get your case resolved in that time, we will file suit against the manufacturer if they refuse to give our clients everything they're legally entitled to.

We would be able to help you with other available consumer protection laws if your vehicle has had an unreasonable amount of repairs under the manufacturer’s warranty and is a 2018 model or newer. Call Timothy Abeel & Associates at 888.611.5481 or contact us online to find out if you have a breach of warranty or loss in value claim.

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