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What is the Lemon Law in Texas?


No one expects their new car to have issues from the start. Thankfully, the Texas Lemon Law protects car buyers if their new vehicle has significant problems that substantially diminish its value, use, or safety, and the motor vehicle warranty covers the defect. So, how does lemon law work exactly?

To qualify, you must report the defect while the warranty is in effect, provide the dealership with a reasonable number of attempts to fix the issue, and give the manufacturer one final chance to correct the defect. Your vehicle may qualify as a lemon car if it has persistent problems. You will have six months to file a Lemon Law complaint to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.
However, getting a new motor vehicle isn’t always straightforward.

To ensure you get the best outcome, you’ll want the aid of a Texas Lemon Law attorney.


Why Call a Texas Lemon Law Attorney?


Reaching out to a Texas Lemon Law attorney is imperative if you feel you have a defective vehicle because they have the expertise to guide you through state-specific legal procedures and requirements. They can effectively advocate on your behalf, helping to secure a replacement vehicle or a full refund from the manufacturer.

  • Expert Guidance: Lemon Laws can be intimidating, but with the expert guidance of a specialized Lemon Law attorney, you can confidently seek the compensation you deserve while skillfully managing the legal aspects of your case.
  • Swift Resolution: A proficient Texas Lemon Law attorney can expedite the resolution process, typically settling most cases within 30 to 90 days at Timothy Abeel & Associates. This ensures you won’t have to live with a defective motor vehicle.
  • No Additional Costs: Don’t let legal fees hold you back. Texas Lemon Law statutes mandate that the vehicle manufacturer covers all legal costs if the consumer wins the case. This guarantees that justice is served without imposing any financial strain on the consumer.
  • Beyond Lemon Law: Even if your vehicle doesn’t meet the traditional Lemon Law criteria, a lemon car lawyer in Texas can still assist you under other consumer protection laws if the vehicle poses substantial risks. So, you can always rely on legal recourse to address your concerns.

Knowing your rights can help get you into a reliable vehicle. By partnering with a dedicated Lemon Law attorney Texas car owners trust, you can be well-informed and equipped to achieve the best possible outcome. So, don’t hesitate to seek the help you need and deserve.


Let Timothy Abeel and Associates Help With Your Texas Lemon Law Case


Driving a faulty car is more than just an annoyance — it’s a safety hazard. However, you don’t want to settle for the manufacturer’s first offer. Many will try to undercut the amount you deserve or outright deny your claim. And you don’t want to choose a random lawyer when you need a Texas Lemon Law attorney near me. Instead, contact Timothy Abeel & Associates. We are seasoned Texas Lemon Law attorneys dedicated to securing your best possible outcome.

Your Lemon Law case demands expert attention to ensure that you are fully protected and that manufacturers are accountable. Partnering with a Texas Lemon Law lawyer from our firm is entirely risk-free. Reach out to Timothy Abeel & Associates now to discover how the Lemon Law works and start your journey toward a resolution.


Frequently Asked Texas Lemon Law Questions Explained

Texas Lemon Law is a consumer protection law that helps people who buy or lease new vehicles that have major defects that cannot be repaired and appear during the vehicle’s express warranty period, first 24 months of ownership, or first 24,000 miles driven (whichever is earliest.) To bring a claim under Texas Lemon Law, you must be the person who is entitled to enforce the manufacturer’s original warranty, and the car must be purchased/leased, or titled and registered, in Texas.


Texas Lemon Law covers new vehicles that are purchased, leased, or registered and titled, in Texas, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, motor homes, towable recreational vehicles (TRVs), and neighborhood electric vehicles. It also covers demonstrator vehicles that have not been previously titled. It does not cover repossessed vehicles, non-travel trailers, boats, or farm equipment.

Texas Lemon Law will not usually apply to used vehicles, however, if the used vehicle is still covered under the manufacturer’s original warranty (NOT an extended warranty,) Lemon Law may be used to make the manufacturer make repairs under that warranty. Refunds and replacements are not available for used cars under Texas Lemon Laws.

No, boats do NOT qualify as vehicles under Texas Lemon Law but there are other laws that can help boat owners if they buy or lease one that’s defective. A Texas Lemon Law attorney can help you figure out what your options are in these cases.

Not every vehicle defect or problem qualifies you for a Lemon Law claim (although there may be other laws available to make a claim and get compensation).

Texas Lemon Law requires that:

  • The vehicle has a substantial manufacturing defect or condition that creates a serious safety hazard or substantially impairs its use or market value.
  • The defect is covered by the manufacturer’s written warranty.
  • ANY of the below 4 statements are true:
    1. The owner gave notice of the defect to the dealer or manufacturer within the warranty term and at least 1 opportunity to repair the defect; OR
    2. The defect has not been repaired after 4 repair attempts by the dealer or manufacturer within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever occurs first); OR
    3. The defect creates a serious safety hazard, and has not been repaired after 2 repair attempts by the dealer or manufacturer within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles (whichever occurs first;) OR
    4. The vehicle is out of service for repair for 30 or more days within the first 24 months or 24,000 miles (not including any days when the owner was given a comparable loaner.)

Texas’s Lemon Law provides for two remedies. The law requires the manufacturer to either replace the vehicle or refund the full purchase price. In either case, the manufacturer is also required to reimburse the consumer for reasonable incidental costs, such as car rental, tow trucks, and Texas Lemon Law attorney fees (if the owner retains a Texas Lemon Law lawyer after being notified that the manufacturer has legal representation.) The manufacturer is also allowed to deduct an amount for the consumer’s use of the vehicle.

  • A replacement vehicle: You are entitled to receive a comparable vehicle (same make, model and trim level) with credit for all of your payments as if you still owned the original vehicle, less a reduction for mileage used. In other words:
    • Your loan or lease continues at its current unpaid balance and will still run for the original term (it is not extended).
    • Your prior payments are counted toward the loan or lease as if you still owned the defective vehicle. In other words, if you were in month six of a four-year car loan or lease when the defective vehicle was replaced, your next payment with the new car counts as payment number seven under your loan or lease.
  • A refund of the purchase price: The manufacturer is required to pay back:
    • The vehicle’s purchase price (not the market price, or its current value, but the purchase price you paid according to the original invoice).
    • The sales tax, license and registration fees you paid.
    • Damages for the cost of repairs to the vehicle.
    • Damages for the loss of use, annoyance or inconvenience resulting from the defect, including rental vehicle expenses.

If you have not filed a Lemon Law claim within 6 months of the expiration of your vehicle’s express warranty period, the first 24 months of ownership, or the first 24,000 miles (whichever is earliest,) you may still be protected under other consumer protection laws, such as breach of implied product warranties or a fraud claim against the dealer. You should consult a Lemon Law attorney in Texas about your issue before making assumptions or filing a complaint. They can help you learn more about cases like yours and select the best strategy. Whether you’re looking for a Lemon Law attorney in Houston or another city in Texas, we have you covered.

NO. The Lemon Law is designed so that the owner of a defective vehicle is fully reimbursed and not stuck paying additional expenses or costs to Lemon Law lawyers in Texas. This means that the vehicle manufacturer is required to pay all Texas Lemon Law attorneys’ fees and other legal costs if the consumer wins the case IN ADDITION TO refunding or replacing your vehicle.

Timothy Abeel & Associates does not charge any up-front fees. If you win your Lemon Law claim, the manufacturer will pay the Lemon Law Texas lawyers’ fees, and even if you do not win your claim, YOU WILL NEVER BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ATTORNEYS’ FEES.

Yes, we file Lemon Law claims for vehicle owners throughout Texas no matter where they live in the state. If we need to have an expert Lemon Law attorney in Austin, Texas or other cities inspect your vehicle and write a report, we will send that person to you.

We work tirelessly to get our clients back on the road and with money back in their pockets as soon as possible, with a goal of settling each case within the first 30 to 90 days. We’re also not afraid to file suit against the manufacturer if they refuse to give our clients everything they’re legally entitled to. Having a competent law firm on your side can not only save you a lot of time but can also provide you with the best possible outcome in your case.

Even if the repairs and issues with your vehicle don’t fit within the parameters of the Lemon Law in Texas, used car and other vehicles may qualify as unreasonable under other state or federal consumer protection laws. Call Timothy Abeel & Associates at 888.611.5481 or contact us online to find out if you have a breach of warranty or loss in value claim.

Timothy Abeel & Associates works to get the owners of defective or malfunctioning vehicles the settlement they deserve as fast as possible. Whether you’re looking for Lemon Law lawyers in Dallas, TX, or other cities throughout the state, give Give our Texas Lemon Law attorney firm a call at 888-611-5481 to find out what you are entitled to as a consumer.