Dodge is an American automobile company within the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobile) group. When the Dodge brothers began producing cars in 1914, their vehicles were immediately in high demand because of the stellar reputation they had earned making superior quality parts for Detroit automakers. Dodge has not maintained that reputation and has not rated highly for quality or reliability in recent years. In a recent customer satisfaction survey, it ranked second to last among automobiles and light vehicles. Recent recalls on FCA vehicles numbered in the millions. However, in 2019, Dodge made Consumer Reports top ten list of reliable brands for the first time (partly due to the high score of the Grand Caravan which is discontinued after 2020) and it tied for first place in the J.D. Power 2020 Initial Quality Study. Time will tell whether or not it can hold these spots with just three vehicles (the Charger, the Challenger, and the Durango) remaining in its lineup.

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A recent recall warned Dodge Durango owners that defective ABS modules in some recent year models may allow the SUV to start and roll away without warning.
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Feeling the Vibrations in the Ram Truck

The Ram Truck is one of the top three best-selling pick-up trucks in the USA. When the 5th generation Ram Truck was released, it sold 633,694 units in 2019 alone. Ram continued to hold onto its top tier ranking in the unpredictable 2020 market with sales of 563,676 units.
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Common Four Door Sedan Defects

Although automakers are currently producing a number of high-quality four door sedans, with millions of these vehicles on the road, defects are inevitable. Nonetheless, manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that the cars they provide to consumers are safe and reliable. They also must issue recalls when defects are detected internally or by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
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Common 2019 Ram 1500 Problems

2019 RAM 1500 Overview

The redesigned
2019 Ram 1500 pickups have only been in dealer showrooms for about a year, but in that short time, the troubled vehicles have already generated 10 separate recalls. Those known issues range from basic build quality (components falling apart or parts breaking off) to more complicated issues like rear axle failure, faulty seat position sensors, and an inability to disable the cruise control function.
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Double Ram Truck Recalls Make For Rocky Start to 2019

Are there two new Ram truck auto recalls?

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