We are not a large firm representing consumers in dozens of states, therefore you will receive personal attention for your matter.

Here at Timothy Abeel & Associates, we handle all types of different vehicles under the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Lemon Law. Everything from luxury vehicles, to compact vehicles, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler and even RVs. The Lemon Laws provide protection in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for no matter what manufacturer or what type of problem you’ve had as long as the problem occurred under the manufacturer’s warranty. The good news is no matter whether we get the vehicle bought back for the purchase price or a replacement for a brand new vehicle your attorney’s fees are cost and covered. There are no out of pocket costs for the consumer. Leased vehicles are covered in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So, in addition to your attorney’s fees being covered, our firm will send an outside expert to your home, have the vehicle inspected. But the most important part is get your file together, get your service history together, send it to our office. Time is always of the essence in these cases.

We are a consumer firm representing everyday consumers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.