Chevrolet, more commonly known as Chevy, has been around since 1911 and is a quintessentially American brand of General Motors Company. It produces a range of sedans, SUVs and trucks primarily for the US market.

Chevy surprised everyone, especially other automakers, when it claimed to be the “most reliable car company” in a 2019 ad campaign. To its embarrassment, Chevy had to concede to pressure to withdraw the commercials because Chevy is not known for its reliability. As a brand, it ranked just 25th out of 30 brands in a 2020 Consumer Reports reliability survey, and, individually, the Colorado, the Camaro and the Traverse all ranked among the ten least reliable vehicles. Chevy vehicles have frequent recalls, including multiple recalls for the same issue, such as the recent second recall for braking and software issues that the first recall failed to fix.

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