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Ram Trucks

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Ram Trucks
Auto Recalls, Lemon Law

Ram Trucks: “Best Truck Brand,” Fire Risk Recall, and Lemon Law

In the same week that Ram Trucks were announced as the best truck brand of the year, Chrysler recalled almost 250,000 Ram Trucks for an engine fire risk.
Ram Trucks
Lemon Law

What can you do if your new Ram truck is defective?

Ram Trucks are the second highest selling truck in the U.S., only ranking behind Ford F-Series trucks in sales volume. They are also rife with problems and defects, from gas tanks that cannot be filled to failing transmissions. Thankfully, new Ram owners can turn to state lemon laws and other consumer protections when their problem Ram Truck is not fixed. Lemon laws set out clear rights of vehicle owners, and a procedure for owners to get a replacement vehicle or cash back for their purchase price.
Ram Trucks
Auto Recalls, Automobile Defects

Still More Problems with Ram Trucks!

As we have said before, Ram trucks continue to be top sellers, and continue to cause many problems for owners. In addition to the numerous recalls of Ram trucks in recent years, owners continue to report a wide variety of problems with the vehicles.
Ram Trucks
Auto Recalls, Automobile Defects

More Problems with Ram Trucks

Ram is one of the leading truck brands in the United States. The company sold 569,388 trucks in 2021, beating the popular Chevy Silverado for a second time. There is no denying that Ram is a giant when it comes to the truck marketplace, and the company now offers a number of different models, including Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Ram 2500—as well as vans.

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