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Nissan Infiniti

The Infiniti brand was launched in the United States by Nissan Motor Company in 1989 in an effort to target the premium vehicle sector and compete with its Japanese rivals. While there has been debate over the years over whether there are differences between standard model Nissans and the Infiniti badge, Infiniti has become a successful global brand. Despite its status as a high performance vehicle, however, a number of Infiniti models have been prone to defects.

Timothy Abeel & Associates, P.C. routinely represents Infiniti owners and lessees in Lemon Law claims throughout all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Trenton. If your vehicle has been in for multiple repairs or out of service for an extended period of time, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Our experienced consumer law attorneys have a proven track record of pursuing successful claims for all types of models including the Infiniti Q50, Infiniti QX30, Infiniti QX50, Infiniti QX50 Hybrid, Infiniti QX60 Hybrid, Infiniti QX80, Infiniti M35 Hybrid and many others.

Infiniti Recalls

Some of the more common problems with Infiniti models include, but are not limited to, rattling timing chains, erratic or high engine idle, transmission failure, oil leaks, airbag defects, Occupant Classification System (OCS) malfunctions, electrical defects, and oil sludge leading to engine failure. In some cases, Nissan has issued technical service bulletins and recalls:

  • In February 2017, Nissan recalled certain 2002 Infiniti QX4 vehicles that were equipped with Takata airbags. The propellant in the inflator of passenger frontal airbag may degrade over time, especially when exposed to humidity and temperature variation, causing the inflator to explode on deployment. This can send metal shrapnel through the air bag, striking vehicle occupants, resulting in serious injury or death.
  • Previously, model year 2013 Infiniti JX35 vehicles were also recalled due to defective airbags. A problem in the passenger seat detection sensor could prevent the airbag from deploying, increasing the risk of injuries to passengers in the event of a crash.
  • In July 2016, Nissan North America, Inc. recalled certain model year 2012-2012 Infiniti M35 Hybrid vehicles due to a system overheat condition that could cause the powertrain module control to shut off the engine while driving, increasing the risk of a crash. Nissan instructed dealers to reprogram the hybrid control module, automatic transmission control unit, and inverter software.
  • In June 2016, Nissan recalled around 60,000 Q50 sedans worldwide due to a software glitch that controlled the vehicles’ Direct Adaptive Steering system, which allows the Q50 to steer itself autonomously under certain conditions. The glitch can lead to a lack of responsiveness and change in turning radius.
  • Previously Nissan recalled 2014 model year Q50s for a similar defect that could disable the power steering mechanism and delay the start of automatic steering backup when the engine compartment temperatures fall below the freezing point. The potential loss of power steering dramatically increased the risk of serious accidents. Nissan instructed dealers to upgrade the software.

Experienced Infiniti Defect Attorneys

If you have purchased or leased an Infiniti in Pennsylvania or New Jersey that has been taken to an authorized dealer for multiple repairs or your vehicle has been out of service for an extended period of time, you may have a valid Lemon Law claim.

At Timothy Abeel & Associates, P.C. our consumer law attorneys are dedicated to holding automakers accountable for properly handling recalls and making repairs expediently. We know that consumers choose these vehicles over standard Nissan models because of Infiniti’s advertised high performance. When these vehicles fail to live up to that standard, consumers have rights under applicable state Lemon Laws and federalwarranty laws.

By thoroughly analyzing your claim, we can determine if your are entitled to a replacement vehicle, a repurchase, or cash compensation. If your claim is successful, you may also be able to recover reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. If you have experienced problems with any Infiniti model that have not been resolved by the dealer, call our office today for a free consultation or fill out the contact form on our website.

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