Kia Motors is a South Korean brand that entered the U.S. market in the early 1990s. Since 1998, it has been part of the Hyundai Motor Group, the third largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Kia churned out budget vehicles in the U.S. that regularly featured at the bottom of rankings for quality and reliability. The brand has worked to improve their reputation in recent years and now achieves higher ratings amongst critics than some of the more established automobile manufacturers. However, it is still a relatively young brand and the only critic that matters in the case of a lemon is the person who owns and drives the vehicle. We still see many owners faced with defects in their Kia. If you are dealing with a defective vehicle, our team at Timothy Abeel & Associates may be able to help. Contact us for a free case review to find out if you are entitled to a replacement vehicle or cash reimbursement under your state lemon laws.

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