2019 Ram 1500 Pickup Experiences Shifting Problems, Engine Noise and Cabin Noise

Dec 15, 2019

The redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 pickups have only been in dealer showrooms for about a year, but in that short time the troubled vehicles have already generated 10 separate recalls. Those known issues range from basic build quality (components falling apart or parts breaking off) to more complicated issues like rear axle failure, faulty seat position sensors, and an inability to disable the cruise control function.

In addition to those existing problems, we have represented clients with Ram 1500 issues involving gear shift hesitation, loud engine noises, and high levels of cabin noise.

Existing Ram 1500 Recalls

The 2019 Ram 1500 is currently subject to 10 recalls issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration involving:

  • Disabled air bags and seat belt pretensioners
  • Rear driveshaft fracturing or weld cracking
  • Steering wheels that can detach from the steering column
  • Auxiliary battery wire terminals that can overheat
  • Brake pedals that can separate from the pedal assembly
  • Nonfunctioning defrosting/defogging systems
  • Loss of power steering due to faulty battery connections
  • Malfunctioning passenger seat position sensor
  • Rear axle failure caused by low oil levels in the differential
  • Cruise control system that will not deactivate

Any one of these problems could be considered a major system failure or safety hazard, but we have represented clients with pickups that suffer from more than one of these defects.

New Ram 1500 Problems

Recently we’ve started to see Ram 1500 owners who are experiencing some issues that are not part of the existing recalls, including:

Cabin Noise

Clients are reporting droning, booming, humming or pulsing noises that seem to be originating in the sound system – the noise comes from the speakers – particularly when passengers or other objects are in the rear seats. Dealers are just beginning to see this issue and Chrysler has not yet come up with a software update or other solution.

Gear Shift Hesitation

We have clients reporting incidents in which the pickup will not shift back into drive when engaged in neutral or reverse (the gears lock up entirely) or that the transmission is delayed in transitioning from one mode to another (reverse to drive, neutral to drive).

Engine Noise and Loss of Power

Owners are experiencing a loss of power and hesitation to shift gears while accelerating (for example, truck might not accelerate beyond 25 mph). These incidents are typically accompanied by increased engine noise. At this point, the dealers have managed to fix this issue when called to their attention, but the problem has recurred for some of our clients.

Navigation and Audio System Failure

The Ram’s infotainment system has failed altogether for clients, or they’ve experienced malfunctions in certain features of the navigation or audio components.

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