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When Engine Control Software Gets “Confused”

Can engine control software problems cause stalling in certain Audi 3 cars?

“Engine stop while driving” is not a welcome light to see illuminate on the dashboard when you’re out and about in your Audi A3.

But Audi defects attorneys have recently learned of an engine stalling problem that prompted an auto recall of over 8,000 model years 2017–2018 Audi A3 cars.

Reportedly, engines can stall when “incorrect engine control unit software…misreads the flywheel rotation”. Hence, the auto recall.

When the so-called misread happens—”during engine start up or low RPM”—the air and fuel mixture gets adjusted and “causes a ‘knocking’ condition” that can reportedly result in a loss of power” while the car is in motion or just beginning to accelerate. This causes drivers to have to quickly attempt to restart the car and can potentially be dangerous, depending on the circumstances when it occurs.

According to Audi, there haven’t been any crashes or injuries attributed to the engine control software’s stalling condition. Apparently, owner complaints about the stalling problem started flowing in during the spring, and allegedly “greatly increased” as the weather became hotter.

If you are driving an affected Audi A3, this recall—number 24DF—can be remedied at your local dealership through a reprogramming of the engine control unit software. Auto recalls are performed at no cost to the car owner or lessee, so it’s important to make an appointment to have any recall-related repairs remedied as soon as possible. If you have any hassles having the recalled issue repaired, an auto recall attorney can help you.

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