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New Jersey Makes Noise Over Audi Q7 Replacement Brakes

Oct 9, 2018

What can I do if my dealer uses defective replacement parts?

Most auto defect cases involve silent problems that drivers may not even notice are going on under the hood. But when the defect involves squeaky brakes, the owner—and the whole neighborhood—knows about it.

New Jersey Audi defects attorneys have filed a brake-squealing class action lawsuit against the manufacturer on behalf of all New Jersey Audi Q7 owners and lessees “who had brakes installed by Audi dealers between July 19, 2012 to present”. The suit does not affect the original, factory-installed Q7 brakes, only the Audi Q7 replacement brake parts.

In support of its claim, the plaintiff pointed to several alleged technical service bulletins to dealers regarding squeaking brakes and reported conversations between plaintiff and Audi service technicians who allegedly “admitted they were aware of squealing replacement brakes on Q7s and Audi had changed the composition of the replacement brake pads and rotors, but these changes only made the squealing worse.”

The plaintiff reportedly had the dealer replace the squeaking original front and rear brake pads and rotors in October, 2017 at 42,800 miles at a cost of nearly $2,000. But only 6 months later and with only about 3500 miles on the new replacement parts, he heard “loud squealing noises” when braking.

After allegedly telling him they were hopeful to have “a fix” in two weeks, the dealership reportedly did an about face and declared the brake sounds “acceptable”.

Plaintiff complains the alleged dealer fraud has left him with a car he is “too embarrassed to drive in public” and that the dealer knew about the problem, failed to disclose it, and failed to repair it.

He claims Audi failed to warn him that Audi replacement parts would squeal before taking his $2,000 for the repair—which he says could have been done for less money using one of the “dozens of cheaper after-market, non-Audi brake pads and rotors that fit the Q7 SUVs but don’t make the squealing sounds”.

If you believe you were a victim dealer fraud or think you may be driving a “lemon” because your relatively new car is constantly in the shop for the same stubborn problem, the Law Offices of Timothy Abeel & Associates can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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