Is Your VW or Audi Dealer Screening Your Calls?

Audi and Volkswagen are giants of the German automotive industry and are two companies with an impressive global reach. In the United States, these automakers are particularly popular. For instance, consider that in 2020 Audi ended the year with its most successful quarter in company history, supplying a total of 505,583 cars. For Volkswagen, the end of 2020 also brought positive signs despite the troubles that many sellers had earlier in the year as a result of the pandemic. In the United States alone, Volkswagen of America, Inc. reported 94,330 units delivered in the fourth quarter of 2020, which was an increase of 11 percent from the previous year.

There is no denying the popularity of Audis and VW vehicles in the United States and across the world. Yet in recent years, there have been a number of consumer complaints from car owners. In particular, there have been a noticeably high volume of complaints as it relates to the screens in vehicles made by these manufacturers.

To illustrate the issues that are coming up, consider this complaint from the owner of an 2021 Audi A-5 Sportback that was purchased brand new in July 2021. Immediately after purchasing the vehicle, the owner says that the screen in the car started having issues. The owner reports that the screen will all of a sudden go blank, and says that the only way to fix it is to turn the car completely off in order to reset it. In an effort to get the problem fixed, they said they have taken the vehicle to the dealership on different occasions. However, the same issue keeps happening. In fact, they have done a full reset and installed a new screen—yet the same thing occurs. The vehicle owner has been in contact with Audi’s corporate department about a potential lemon law case, yet they have not yet reached back to her. 

A simple Google search will reveal that the owner of the Audi A-5 Sportback is not alone. There have been many dissatisfied vehicle owners who have made complaints online for a range of screen-related issues for their Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Given the importance of touch screens in a vehicle, whether someone is using them for navigation or to operate a Bluetooth device, it is critical that issues with screens are promptly dealt with for affected vehicles.

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