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Henry Harmeling
Of Counsel
Henry Harmeling
Of Counsel
Henry Harmeling

Henry’s legal philosophy is very simple: “The practice of law can be summarized in a single word: integrity, which is defined as ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.’” A lawyer works his entire career to develop a reputation among his peers and with his clients; the lawyer must advocate tenaciously on behalf of the client while remaining unfailingly civil and courteous with opposing counsel, insurance adjusters, claims representatives, and self-represented parties. Henry recently obtained an excellent result on a difficult liability case where the opposing attorney sent him a note after the case thanking him for his professionalism throughout the pendency of the contested proceedings.

Henry is Of Counsel for the firm’s California and Arizona litigation cases, handling matters statewide in California and Arizona.

Henry has been practicing civil litigation in California for over 20 years, has spent the majority of his career advocating for consumers. The parable of David and Goliath is apt, as Henry prides himself on helping to put the little guy on even footing against some of the world’s largest and richest corporations.

Henry has served as a judge pro tem in San Diego County, has been on the San Diego Superior Court’s panel of mediators since 2008. Henry was named “Best of the Bar” in 2016 by the San Diego Business Journal.

In his spare time, Henry enjoys spending time with his family and their three dogs, surfing, and coaching youth sports.