Security Flaws Are Not the Only Problems in a Kia

Across the country, Kia owners are dealing with problems from security worries to total engine failure in their new Kia. We take a look at some of the problems that we lemon lawyers hear about in Kia models.

Kia and Hyundai have been in the news recently because of their sudden popularity with car thieves. In one U.S. city, thefts of Kia vehicles increased by 1300% from last year. Law enforcement officials have said that Hyundai and Kia vehicles have a design flaw that allow them to be stolen more easily, but security concerns are not the only problem facing Kia owners. Here are some of the more common problems that our lemon law attorneys hear from Kia owners:

Transmission Problems

Your Kia might have a faulty transmission if you notice any of the following: jerking, difficulty shifting, pedal vibrations, slipping gears, knocking noises, or a burning smell. The Kia Sorento seems to be especially vulnerable to transmission problems, but we have also heard from owners of the Kia Forte and the Kia Seltos about problems with their new vehicle transmission. If you have a defective transmission in your new Kia, it may need to be repaired or even replaced, and should be done by your dealer under warranty. If your dealer refuses to carry out the repairs, or unreasonably delays them, you may be entitled to bring a legal claim under your state’s lemon laws.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are a common complaint for Kia owners. Buyers of the Kia Sorento, Sportage, Telluride, and Seltos, among others, have come to us about electrical issues with their Kia, such as the entire dashboard lighting up sometimes combined with a complete loss of power to their vehicle. Some owners tell us that they have issues with their app connections, remote start, locking and unlocking mechanisms, or that sensors and warning lights do not work. Any of these issues could be the basis of a lemon law claim if your dealer does not repair them in accordance with the lemon laws in your state.

Limp Mode Without Warning

Numerous Kia Seltos owners have complained that their vehicle has gone into limp mode for no reason, sometimes while driving on the interstate or highway. “Limp mode” or “limp home mode” is a feature of the car that shuts down less important vehicle systems when a fault is detected in the engine or transmission, so that all the vehicle can do is “limp home” at a slow speed. The danger of a car losing power and slowing without warning on a busy roadway is obvious. If your Kia is experiencing this problem, you should bring it to your dealer for repair without delay. If your dealer does not repair your Kia, you may be protected by state lemon laws which could entitle you to replacement of your vehicle or a reimbursement of your purchase price.

Excessive Oil Consumption and Engine Failure

Buyers of new Kia vehicles do not expect their car to be burning through oil or, worse still, suffer total engine failure but this is what clients are telling us. Problems with excessive oil consumption led one group of Hyundai and Kia owners to file a class action in March 2022. Among our Kia owner clients, we are hearing stories such as engine failure in the Kia Sorento, unexplained oil consumption in the Kia Soul, and a blown turbo charger requiring complete engine replacement in the Kia Optima. If your new Kia is having engine troubles, contact your dealer for repairs under warranty. If you have issues getting your dealer to carry out the repairs free of charge and without unreasonable delay, you may be able to pursue a lemon law claim to get your vehicle repaired, replaced, or reimbursed.

Customer Service Issues and Delays to Repairs

Sadly, one of the most common things that we hear from Kia owners trying to resolve problems with their new vehicle is that their Kia dealer or Kia corporate is giving them the runaround. Kia owners repeatedly tell us that their vehicle has been on the dealer’s lot awaiting repair for weeks or even months. Kia owners who have tried to contact the automanufacturer directly report that they are transferred around departments with no one taking responsibility for the problem. Lemon laws protect you from unreasonable repair delays for your defective new vehicle. Whether the repair is under warranty, for a recall, or the parts are hard to get, new vehicle owners are often entitled under lemon laws to have their new car repaired or replaced within a reasonable time. An experienced lemon law attorney, like the attorneys at Timothy Abeel & Associates, can explain your rights under the lemon law in your state, and look at your individual situation to determine whether or not you might have a lemon law claim.

If you are having problems with your Kia, contact our experienced lemon law team at Timothy Abeel & Associates for a free, no-obligation case review. We will explain your legal rights (including how your legal fees are paid by the auto manufacturer), and if you pursue a lemon law claim, we guarantee that we will never send you a bill for our fees.

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