Volkswagen Problems? Your Lemon Lawyer Can Help When Your Dealer Cannot

The Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport have yet another recall, this time for loose hitch bolts that fall out. Some recent model years of the Atlas have up to 15 current recalls, and other vehicles in the Volkswagen lineup have similar issues.

The Atlas is a popular midsize SUV from German manufacturer, Volkswagen, which produces a large lineup of sedans, crossovers, and SUVs for a global market. In a 2022 Consumer Reports Auto Reliability Report, Volkswagen only ranked 24th for reliability, falling behind many well known brands from American and global automanufacturers. We regularly deal with some of the following problems for our Volkswagen lemon law clients.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems in Volkswagen vehicles, and in particular in the VW Atlas, are the most common complaint that we hear about this brand. People report problems with the electronic braking system and cruise control in the Atlas and the Jetta, remote start issues in the Atlas, and a Jetta infotainment system with a mind of its own. Multiple clients tell stories of their Volkswagen Atlas stopping for no reason, the electric windows rolling down, and the vehicle alarms activating.


Another issue seen in various Volkswagen models is fluid leaks. Defective weather seals, leaking roofs, and engine oil leaks are all an issue in Volkswagen models including the Atlas, Tiguan, Jetta, and Golf. Sometimes a leak can be easily fixed by replacing a seal or a minor part but leaks can also be an indicator of an even bigger problem (such as an engine needing replacement) or can lead to secondary damage (such as mold.) Some clients have come to us with mold and mildew in their Volkswagen, even needing to replace the flooring of their vehicle due to rotting caused by leaks.

Engine Problems

Whether a blown engine in a new Volkswagen Golf or a broken fuel pump, oil pump, or water pump in the Tiguan or Atlas, Volkswagen owners are having to completely replace major components on their new Volkswagen vehicles. This is a major repair in a new car which the customer should not have to worry about or pay for.

Delays in Repairs and Parts

Most of the Volkswagen owners that come to us for help dealing with their defective vehicle have told us that they cannot get repairs completed because of problems getting the needed parts. Delays to repairs are a major problem across all auto brands as a result of supply chain shortages, and it is causing problem vehicle owners to be without their vehicle for weeks and even months. Many people do not realize that lemon laws protect new vehicle owners from unreasonable delays to repairs, and that, in a successful Volksvagen lemon law claim, the lawyers’ fees are paid by the automaker. In cases where the repair times for a defect are unreasonable, consumers are eligible for financial assistance or even a refund from the manufacturers. You can learn how the entire process can be streamlined with the help of the right car lemon law lawyer.

How Can a Lemon Lawyer Help You?

At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we like to say that lemon law is as easy as 1-2-3. Obviously, laws are technical, and successful negotiations require the knowledge and skills to get what you want, but when you hire a VW lemon lawyer, those should be the lawyer’s problems, not yours. From the client’s perspective there really are only 3 steps on how does lemon law work:

1. Contact a lemon lawyer

You can contact a lemon lawyer without any commitment or obligation. Most lawyers, like Timothy Abeel & Associates, offer an initial consultation or case review free of charge. In fact, in a successful Volkswagen lemon law claim, you should not pay ANY of your attorneys’ fees because the law makes the automaker pay all legal fees. At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we go even further and guarantee that, win or lose, we will never send you a bill for fees. If you are unsure what you are paying for, ask your lawyer. They are required to explain their fees to you.

In an initial case review, a lemon lawyer will want to hear about the problems that you are having before taking on your case. If your particular situation is not covered by lemon law, it is not in their interest or yours to spend time and money pursuing a doomed lemon law claim. In other situations, people do have the beginnings of a lemon law claim but it is too soon by law to file it. A Volkswagen lemon lawyer can advise you what to do and when you will be able to legally pursue a claim. (There are also maximum time limits on filing a lemon law claim so you should not delay contacting a lawyer.) Sometimes, lemon law does not apply but other state or federal consumer protection laws can help you.

After the first step of contacting a lemon lawyer, you will have a much better understanding of your rights and your options. If you have a potential lemon law claim that you want to pursue, you will move on to the next step.

2. Send the lawyer all your records and documentation

This step is the most work for the client. Your lemon lawyer will need copies of any evidence that you have to support your claim. In lemon law Volkswagen claims, this is not a huge amount and is probably less than the documents you need to file your taxes every year.

The lawyer will probably ask for your vehicle purchase and financing documentation, your repair orders and invoices, and other relevant documents. This article lists the most common documents. Your lawyer may also ask for photos or videos of the problems with your vehicle. They can use these to understand your problem and argue a strong case on your behalf when negotiating with the auto manufacturer.

If you are missing a document, it is not fatal to your claim. Your lawyer can usually work with what you have, and in some situations they may be able to get a copy of a missing document that is particularly important.

3. Let the lemon lawyer do the rest

Once you have given your lawyer the facts and documents that they need to understand and fight your case, your work is done. Your lawyer will negotiate with the automanufacturer, filing a legal claim if necessary, to get you a settlement or award. The vast majority of VW lemon law claims end with a settlement between the vehicle owner and the automanufacturer. Your lawyer should keep you updated as they handle your case, and your agreement will be needed before any settlement is final.

Under lemon law, you are entitled to a replacement vehicle or cash and keep settlement, as well as compensation for some out of pocket expenses. Lemon laws also make the manufacturer pay your attorney fees in a successful Volkswagen lemon law claim. A settlement agreement will typically include these items to ensure that you are compensated and protected.

At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we work hard to ensure that you get the compensation that you need without the hassle (that you don’t.) If you are having problems with your recently purchased Volkswagen or other vehicle, contact us today online or by calling 888-611-5481.

Experiencing Similar Issues?

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