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Volkswagen Hit With Yet Another Recall

May 8, 2016

What are your rights if your vehicle is recalled?

If you recently purchased a Volkswagen, what you were really drawn to besides style and capability was the vehicle’s safety record. Volkswagen has been a favorite among American consumers for many years, and has been rated as top safety picks many times. Unfortunately, the brand many of us know and love has been struggling lately after a string of problems has led to massive recalls.

In the past year, the German automaker was discovered to have participated in an emissions cheating scandal. Basically, the cars were programmed to know when they were undergoing emissions and at that point would produce a low amount of emissions. At all other times, the vehicles were found to be producing well over the legal limit of emissions, especially high levels of nitrogen oxides. Approximately 600,000 diesel vehicles were affected by the emissions scandal. It has been downhill for the automaker since this time.

More recently, over 175,000 Passats were recalled due to an electrical defect. Then, around 800,000 Touareg (and Porsche Cayenne) SUV’s were recalled due to a problem with one of the pedals. Also, around 5,500 electric Golf models were recalled due to an issue with the battery. Most recently, another 90,000 Passats were recalled as the result of a cable insulation defect.

All of these mechanical defects can cause serious problems such as short circuits, electrical fires, stalling and issues braking. So, if safety was one of the main reasons why you invested in a Volkswagen, you have definitely not received what you bargained for.

If you have purchased a Volkswagen and have been affected by the recall, you have certain rights under your state’s Lemon laws. You will be entitled to repairs, but might also have the right to reimbursement or replacement depending upon the situation. The best way to go about a lemon law claim is to contact an experienced attorney to evaluate your case as soon as possible.

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