Volkswagen Gas Leak Concerns Spark Recall

Nov 12, 2017

Do older vehicles get recalled?

A new Volkswagen auto recall is coming.

Hot on the heels of a Porsche SUV recall in September for the exact same problems, Volkswagen is reportedly recalling 74,000 model years 2004–2007 Touareg SUVs over gas leak concerns.

Specifically, the affected gasoline-powered SUVs “have fuel filter flanges that can crack and cause gas to leak”, sparking concerns over the “trouble” that could be if gas was to leak near “any kind of an ignition source”. The recall does not affect diesel SUVs.

VW engineers found that because the affected Touaregs are 10-13 years old, “aging and oxidation reduce the strength of the fuel pump components” causing them to “intrude into the fuel filter flange… causing tiny cracks to appear in the flange material and leaves the material vulnerable to gas leaks.”

An initial round of recall notices will be sent shortly, followed by a second notice when replacement parts become available. As part of the recall, cracked fuel filter flanges will be replaced or, “a protective cover will be installed onto the filter flanges if no cracks are discovered.”

As in any case where an auto recall affects older model vehicles, there is concern that the vehicles may have changed hands over the years and the recall notices may not reach the current owners.

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