RAM Trucks: Top Sellers and Top Lemons

You might think that RAM trucks, one of the top selling brands in the U.S., the first truck-only brand to win number one overall in initial quality from J.D. Power, would be ultra reliable with satisfied customers, but you would be wrong.

Yes, RAM remains one of America’s most popular pickup trucks, but it also remains one of the most problematic.

The list of problems with RAM trucks is long, and includes navigation issues, back up camera issues, transmission issues, engine issues, oil consumption, electrical issues, fuel pump issues, and defective fuel filler necks.

There have been many complaints over the years about a variety of issues, and more than one class action lawsuit to try to obtain justice for RAM owners. Recent issues include defective fuel pumps which can cause the truck to shut down unexpectedly and defective fuel filler necks which can cause the gas nozzle to get stuck while fueling the fuel tank.

One recent complaint shows how frustrating these issues can be. The owner of a RAM 2500 with just under 10,000 miles on their vehicle stated that when filling their gas tank, there would be a repeated clicking sound and the tank would take a long time to fill. They brought their car to the dealership, where it was inspected for leaks, pinches, and issues to the vent line. Ultimately the dealer made adjustments to the filler neck. However, after picking up the truck, the driver realized the problem still existed!

The customer called and spoke to the service manager at the dealership who told them that they are seeing a significant amount of brand new RAM 1500 and 2500 with this issue. He told the customer that RAM has not advised of any repair for it, and that owners are just going to have to “deal” until they do. Furthermore, the service manager was not optimistic that he would be able to fix the issue!

This RAM owner is not alone in their complaints regarding the fuel tanks for RAM trucks, and these issues are not new. There are a number of other vehicle owners who have reported having issues when filling their fuel tanks, with complaints often relating to the fuel tank taking a long time to fill due to repeated shutoffs.

Another owner of a RAM 1500 had a very scary experience at the gas pump, where the pump simply failed to shut off. They yanked out the pump while gas was spewing out at full pressure. Before driving home they had to flush gasoline out of their eyes, and were covered head-to-toe in gas. The next time they bought gas, the pump continuously shut off while they were trying to fill it. When the owner contacted the dealership, the service advisor told them that they’ve had a large number of trucks needing the tank replaced for this reason.

Problems with fueling can be frustrating and expensive. You shouldn’t have to keep repairing a new vehicle for a problem that is known to the manufacturer.

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