Experiencing 2022 Ram eTorque Problems? Lemon Law Can Help

May 7, 2024

The Ram eTorque generated immediate buzz among car enthusiasts and Ram owners across the nation. First available in the 2019 model year, the eTorque brought the promise of better fuel economy and enhanced performance. But like any new technology, the eTorque caused some unexpected Ram issues.

In this rundown of 2022 Ram eTorque problems, we’ll briefly overview the Ram eTorque engine, its shortcomings, and how the Lemon Law can come to your rescue should your adventure with this new tech take a turn for the worst.


What Is Ram eTorque?

Think of eTorque as a mild hybrid system. Instead of using a traditional alternator, eTorque uses a 48-volt battery-powered, belt-driven motor generator to provide low-end torque. The eTorque is only available on Ram 1500 pickup trucks.

By substituting the alternator for the eTorque system, Ram has improved overall efficiency, regenerated energy during braking, and helped start and stop operations. The ultimate goal of the Ram eTorque is to make the driving experience smoother and a bit greener.

If you’d like to learn more about this unique system or are considering buying one, check out recent Ram eTorque reviews. Read feedback from authoritative sources like Car and Driver and reviews from actual owners. Also, focus on the model year you are interested in, as Ram makes slight tweaks to the eTorque system from year to year.


Common 2022 Ram eTorque Problems

While the eTorque system has been available since 2019, we’ll focus on the Ram 2022 model year, as these vehicles have some of the biggest eTorque problems. The 2022 Ram eTorque problems you might run into include:

Stalling Out

One of the most frustrating problems with Ram eTorque 2022 models is stalling. Imagine cruising through town and stopping as you arrive at a red light. While patiently waiting for the light to turn green, your Ram 1500 stalls out. Even if you manage to get it running fast, you might miss the light and draw the ire of the people behind you.

Regarding problems with Ram eTorque, this one is usually minor. But you expect your newer model truck to be reliable and not prone to stalling every time you stop at a red light. If your truck stalls at the wrong time, this “minor” concern can turn dangerous.

Automatic E-Brake Activation

Ram 1500 trucks equipped with the eTorque system are also prone to automatic e-brake activation. While this problem is relatively rare, it is a huge concern. If your e-brake suddenly activates, it can cause your truck to come to an abrupt stop, putting you at risk of being in an accident.

Faulty Oil Pump

The oil pump in your Ram eTorque keeps important components lubricated and cool. But when it fails, you can encounter serious mechanical problems ranging from a ticking noise to a seized engine.

If your truck has an oil pressure gauge, keep a close eye on it. The needle should stay in the middle. Pull over immediately and turn your vehicle off if it suddenly drops to the low end. Don’t drive it; have your truck towed to the dealer.

Software Issues

The eTorque system is complex, requiring some advanced software to function correctly. The entire system can go haywire when there is a glitch, leading to performance issues, stalling, unusual dashboard displays, and more.

Fortunately, most software issues are easy to fix. The dealer may have to install an update or reset your truck’s computer system. Once those steps are complete, you should be good to go.

Recharging Issues

The eTorque system needs lots of juice to produce low-end torque and assist with start/stop operations. But when the batteries don’t recharge as they should, you can encounter issues such as decreased performance, starting troubles, and battery warnings flashing on your dash.

Cracked Exhaust Manifold

Your exhaust manifold ensures that the engine exhaust gasses make their way safely down the exhaust pipes and away from your vehicle. The exhaust manifold is exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. If it has a manufacturing defect, it can crack, causing excess noise.

However, extra noise is the least of your worries. A severe crack in your exhaust manifold can cause exhaust fumes to leak into your cabin. If this happens, pull over immediately, turn your truck off, and exit the vehicle. Exhaust fumes can be deadly.

Even if you don’t smell fumes, be mindful of any strange noises from your truck. If you have a cracked exhaust manifold and ignore it, you’ll experience more significant engine problems down the road.


Lemon Law Help From Timothy Abeel

Are you tired of dealing with 2022 Ram eTorque problems and frequent trips to the dealer? The good news is that you might be able to obtain compensation under the Lemon Law.

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