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NJ Audi & VW Dealerships Accused of Lemon Law Violations

What kind of activity by a dealership could give rise to a New Jersey Lemon Law violation?

The New Jersey Lemon Law is designed to protect consumers from the unnecessary and inflated costs of constant vehicle repairs for a brand new automobile. In order to qualify for coverage under the law, a consumer must prove the following factors to be true:

• The vehicle was purchased or registered in New Jersey;
• The vehicle must be less than two years old, or have less than 24,000 miles—whichever comes first;
• The consumer has taken the vehicle for an unreasonable number of repairs; and
• The problems substantially impact the use or safety of the vehicle.

When the above factors are met, a Lemon Law attorney can help the consumer pursue not only a refund of the price of the vehicle, but comprehensive damages to compensate for repairs, rental expenses, and any other costs incidental to the situation.

Under the Lemon Law, manufacturers are required to work with the consumer to try and rectify problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. In addition, New Jersey’s consumer protection laws also prevent dealerships from engaging in unscrupulous practices against car buyers.

Sometimes, however, dishonest dealerships and manufacturers engage in unfair and deceptive practices, including those recently alleged against two Sussex County outfits accused of the following:

• Charging consumers $350.00 to unnecessarily have a VIN “etched” into a vehicle;
• Failure to timely provide consumers with permanent license & registration to replace the temporary tags issued at the time of sale;
• Selling vehicles with an existing lien;
• Charging a ‘New Car Tire Fee’ to consumers purchasing a used automobile;
• Failure to timely pay off trade-in loans; and
• Publishing advertisements with deceptive or misleading information.

Whether you are facing unreasonable repairs, or believe you may have been assessed unnecessary or bogus fees by a dealership, you should contact a reputable Lemon Law attorney.

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