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Lemon Law Can Help With Your GMC Problems

Nov 10, 2022

Lemon law can help GMC owners who are having significant problems with their newly purchased or leased GMC.

GMC is a division of the American automaker General Motors Company which produces SUVS and pick up trucks. It is supposed to be one of GM’s premium brands but many owners come to us at Timothy Abeel & Associates complaining of problems with their new GMC vehicle.

As GMC lemon law experts, we can help people when they are having issues with their recently purchased or leased GMC vehicle that a dealer cannot or will not repair. A vehicle is an expensive purchase, but it is also essential for many people to get to work, school, or other places in their daily lives. Many of our clients have struggled with a defective vehicle or with no vehicle at all for weeks or months as they try to get it repaired. They often do not know that they are entitled to a rental vehicle or that there is a legal limit on how long a manufacturer has to repair a problem vehicle.

Lemon law gives new vehicle owners rights. We help many owners get a full refund of the price of their problem vehicle, a comparable replacement vehicle, a cash settlement in which they keep their vehicle, or another settlement negotiated to suit their needs. Find out more about what you can get by bringing a GM lemon law claim on our website.

What problems do we see with GMC vehicles?

We hear about GMC problems across the model line-up:


The GMC Yukon is a popular 7-8 passenger SUV. The most common issues we see with the Yukon are transmission problems, including slipping and failing transmissions that need replacing after low mileage. We are also hearing complaints about failing brakes (a huge safety concern) and an unreliable push button start. These types of GMC issues come with a number of significant risks to consumers, which can allow people to qualify for and receive financial assistance, especially if the cases are handled by a law firm with extensive GMC lemon law experience.


A smaller SUV than the Yukon, the current model GMC Terrain also seems to cause less problems than its bigger sibling. The Terrain’s fuel pump is problematic and some new owners have had to completely replace it. Leaks, noises, rough idling, stalling, and an engine warning light could all be indicators of fuel pump problems. There are also complaints about the Terrain’s excessive oil consumption and, as with many GMC vehicles, transmission defects.


We probably hear more complaints about the GMC Sierra than any other GMC vehicle. In the long list of problems with this pickup truck, we see:

  • Transmission issues
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Seizing motor
  • Electronic problems
  • Emission system defects causing vehicle shutdown
  • Exhaust leak
  • Total engine failure
  • Problems with the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) system
  • Failing brakes

When Sierra owners come to us with these and other issues, we evaluate their claim and negotiate with the manufacturer to get our client a cash refund, compensation, or a replacement truck.


Another truck in the GMC lineup, the Canyon is a smaller pickup than the Sierra but suffers some of the same problems. We have particularly seen issues with the emissions sensors in this GMC truck. Owners also complain about transmission problems and electrical defects, among other things. All of these defects can be dealt with in a General Motors lemon law claim.


The GMC Acadia is a midsize SUV, often chosen as a family vehicle. However, it has issues with its reliability. Some owners report that the motor in their Acadia has completely blown. Others complain of problems with the transmission, which sometimes causes slipping or sticking gears, jerking, clunking, or rough idling. Most of the reported issues required serious repairs, which can be an issue for people who are driving regularly and can’t leave their car in the shop for an extended time.

What should you do if you have problems with your GMC?

If you have recently bought or leased a GMC and it has a defect, you should bring it to your dealer as soon as possible for repair. Lemon law requires that you give the manufacturer a reasonable opportunity to repair the vehicle so the sooner that you bring your GMC in for repair, the sooner you have power to bring a legal claim under lemon law. Our Lemon Law Tips give you helpful information about what to tell the dealer, keeping proof of repairs, and other useful tips while you are in the early stages of a GMC lemon law claim.

You should also contact an experienced GMC lemon law attorney like the team at Timothy Abeel & Associates. They should listen to the details of your vehicle problems and repair history, and explain your legal rights and options. Most lemon lawyers will offer a free first consultation, and if your lemon law claim is successful, you should not have to pay any legal fees because lemon laws make manufacturers pay your attorney fees. At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we will NEVER send you a bill for our fees, whether you win or lose.

Contact one of our experienced lemon law team for your free case review today online or by calling 888-830-1474.

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