Ford to Recall Nearly 1.5 Million Focus Vehicles

Nov 26, 2018

Why is my Ford Focus stalling?

Instead of a holiday card, certain Ford Focus owners and lessees can expect something special from their automaker before the holidays in December: an auto recall.

Ford defects attorneys have learned that nearly 1.5 million Ford Focus cars with 2-Liter GDI or GTDI engines may have defective canister purge valves (“CPVs”) that can cause multiple problems in 2012 –2018 models.

According to numerous complaining vehicle owners, the problematic CPVs can cause the following issues:

  • illuminated warning lights
  • incorrect fuel gauges
  • deformed fuel tanks
  • stalled engines and
  • drivability issues.

While the automaker claims there were no known accidents or injuries caused by malfunctioning canister purge valves, it advises owners to keep “at least a half a tank of gas” in the vehicle until the recommended recall repairs can be made. Some Focus owners complained they were unable to get their vehicles to start again after they unexpectedly stalled out.

According to Ford representatives, the proposed fix is expected to include updated powertrain software that will advise drivers of “stuck-open” CPVs through illuminated warning lights and a replacement of the CPVs. In addition, “fuel delivery modules, fuel tanks and carbon canisters” may possibly be replaced upon inspection by the service dealer.

If you have any questions regarding an auto recall, a breach of warranty claim, or feel you may be driving a lemon because your new car is constantly in the shop for the same stubborn repair, the Law Offices of Timothy Abeel & Associates can help you. Even if your vehicle does not fall within the lemon law guidelines of your state, you may still have a claim under other consumer protection laws.

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