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Quality Issues at Ford Mean More Problems for Ford Owners

Ford had more safety recalls than any other automaker in early 2022, and hired a new executive director of quality to redeem the brand’s ranking and reputation.

It seems we blog a lot about Ford. That’s because we get so many questions from Ford owners about problems with their vehicle. The Ford F-150 pick up truck in particular generates a lot of complaints. The F-150 is America’s best-selling pickup truck but causes so many issues for its owners, from electrical to mechanical and structural. Even since our last Ford article in July, there have been four recalls on the 2022 MY Ford F-150 alone.

Ford’s new executive director of quality, Josh Halliburton, has been brought in to tackle the increase in Ford complaints and problems. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“[i]n the first seven months of [2022], Ford had 46 separate safety recalls on 6.8 million vehicles, more than any other U.S. auto maker.”

The company is making efforts to catch problems early in the production phase by installing video cameras on the production line, encouraging workers to report problems, and increasing monitoring of complaints on social media. Time will tell whether or not these changes will make a difference for the many Ford owners who are dealing with defective vehicles.

What are the recent Ford F-150 recalls?

The Ford F-150 is no stranger to defects and recalls. The most recent recalls on this popular pickup truck are:

August 12: Damaged Driveshaft May Fracture

This recall affected 58,203 vehicles. A fractured driveshaft in the Ford F-150 can cause loss of control or loss of drive power. It can also lead to the vehicle moving unintentionally when in park.

September 8: Wheel Lugs Not Tightened Correctly

1,519 Ford F-150 Raptor Series pickup trucks with 37 inch tires were affected by a recall for incorrectly tightened wheel lug nuts which could loosen and allow the wheel to come off the truck.

September 14: Improper Airbag Deployment

A small number of Ford F-150 trucks (74) may have an incorrectly installed right side instrument panel which affects the deployment of the airbag. The airbag may not deploy at all, or the cover may break and project fragments into the vehicle, both of which are a serious safety risk.

September 14: Parking Lights May Flicker

This recall affected the Ford Bronco as well as the Ford F-150. 86,050 Ford Bronco and Ford F-150 vehicles were recalled for parking lights that may flicker when the headlights are turned on. This can affect visibility and is a safety issue requiring a recall.

What can Ford owners do?

If your Ford F-150 or other Ford vehicle is malfunctioning, you have options. If the problem is the subject of a recall, your dealer should repair the problem for free. You should receive a notification from Ford in the mail about any recalls but you can also search for recall information on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

If you bought or leased your Ford recently and have a problem that is not the subject of a recall, your vehicle may still be under warranty. When your vehicle is under warranty, the manufacturer should repair certain defects free of charge. You do not have to get your repairs done at your dealer but it is recommended that you use your Ford dealer when possible to ensure that you are in compliance with the terms of your individual warranty. Certain warranties only cover particular replacement parts or unauthorized repairs could result in damage to the vehicle, either of which could affect your warranty rights.

You also have rights under state lemon laws and other consumer protections. Lemon laws are designed to protect owners of recently purchased (or sometimes leased) vehicles who have a substantial problem with their vehicle. A substantial problem is typically one that affects the safety or use of the vehicle. We discuss more about this in our blog article, Is Your Vehicle a Lemon? 5 Simple Questions and What To Do Next.

Under lemon laws, an auto maker is legally required to repair any substantial problems with the vehicle within a reasonable time or number of repair attempts. The manufacturer must make the repairs at no cost to you, the owner. If the manufacturer cannot repair the vehicle in a reasonable time, they must offer a replacement or reimbursement of your original purchase price. In many of the lemon law cases that we handle, we negotiate a settlement to get exactly what the client wants, even if that is slightly different to the traditional lemon law remedies, such as a cash and keep settlement. In a cash and keep settlement, the owner receives an agreed cash settlement and still keeps their vehicle (with its original warranty.)

Another important feature of lemon laws is that the auto maker is required to pay your attorneys’ fees in a successful lemon law claim. This means that you can get professional legal help at no cost to you. An experienced lemon lawyer will usually evaluate your case for free so that you can decide whether or not to pursue a lemon law claim. At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we offer a free case review and we guarantee that we will never send you a bill for our fees, win or lose.

Lemon laws are technical, and they are slightly different in each state, which is important to a successful claim. If you are having trouble with your recently purchased Ford F-150 or other Ford model vehicle, contact the Timothy Abeel & Associates lemon law team online or by calling 888-611-5481. We have obtained compensation, cash reimbursements, and replacement vehicles for many Ford owners, and we are ready to help you too.

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