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Ford Takes Another Hit With Widespread 2013 Fiesta Complaints

What are the options for Ford Fiesta owners experiencing transmission problems?

Under the Lemon Laws of both New York and New Jersey, consumers having recently purchased a problematic new vehicle may be able to seek damages and replacement costs directly from the manufacturer. They may also, in many cases, be able to retrieve attorneys’ fees and incidental damages. These laws, which help to supplement applicable consumer protection laws, are designed to protect purchasers from dishonesty should a manufacturer refuse to acknowledge known problems with its product. As many Lemon Law clients can attest, these laws also protect against placement of dangerous and deadly vehicles on the roadways, as is the case in the most recent transmission-related issue plaguing Ford due to its defective late model Fiesta product.

For one Pennsylvania couple, their Ford Fiesta has been nothing but trouble since they originally purchased it new in 2013. According to their recent Lemon Law lawsuit, the vehicle has had transmission difficulties almost from the outset, requiring four separate trips to the dealership for repairs. Eventually, the dealership stopped responded to their frequent calls, and even reneged on its promise to provide a rental car to the family during one of the lengthy periods they went without the vehicle. The owners claim that they have never felt safe driving the car, particularly in heavy traffic or on the interstate. Further, they claim that the car jerks abruptly and has difficulty accelerating when necessary.

Currently, there are approximately 31 formal complaints against the Ford Fiesta submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—nearly all of which involve faulty transmissions.

Under Pennsylvania’s Lemon Law, consumers are generally entitled to a refund and/or compensation if a new vehicle exhibits major problems and cannot be repaired despite a “reasonable” number of attempts—which has been interpreted as three or more appointments with the mechanic.

If you are struggling with a defective new vehicle and would like to discuss your rights, please contact an experienced Lemon Law attorney.

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