Ford Overstates Fuel Economy of Vehicles Again

Jun 20, 2014

In March of this year, Ford discovered that it had overstated the fuel economy on a number of 2013 and 2014 vehicles.

The vehicles include the Fiesta and hybrids C-Max, C-Max Energi, Fusion, Fusion Energi and MKZ. Ford found that errors in testing caused the overestimation of fuel economy. The fuel rating was found to be 5 miles per gallon lower than originally advertised in some cases. After discovering the mistake, Ford claims to have notified the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) immediately as they are responsible for certifying fuel ratings on vehicles.

Ford has since lowered the fuel rating on the subject vehicles. But, they still have to worry about compensating the consumers who purchased these vehicles under the impression that the fuel economy was higher. Due to the price of gas these days, most customers are interested in fuel economy and might even buy a car based solely on that factor. Ford has stated that they plan to compensate United States customers who purchased and leased the subject models.

A representative from Ford has issued an apology to customers and reiterated the company’s commitment to producing fuel efficient vehicles. The problem is that this is not the first time Ford has made this mistake. Last year there was a similar issue with the C-Max. But, customers would probably have liked Ford to get it right the first time.

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