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Aviator Hopes to Soar with Symphonic Chimes Alert System

Feb 21, 2019

Will symphonic chimes be a safe alert system alternative to standard warning alarms?

Ford defects attorneys know that the automaker—like its competitor giants—has to periodically contend with various safety and performance issues in many of the offerings in its line. For example, nearly every automotive manufacturer was impacted by the exploding Takata airbag recall—the largest auto recall in history. On the flip side of safety, automakers attract buyers through luxury and novel features.

Ford Motor Company offers luxury vehicles under its Lincoln Motor Company division. High-end consumers, having paid premium prices for the expectation of superior safety and performance, may be less patient when faced with a lemon law claim—a new or relatively-new car that’s constantly in the shop for the same stubborn repair.

It goes without saying that Lincoln defects and auto recalls—such as the recent Lincoln MKZ defective steering wheel recall—and recalls of other Lincoln models would be similarly frustrating to lemon law claims.

Potential safety issues aside, when it comes to comfort and attracting high-end consumers to its luxury SUV, the Aviator, Lincoln employs all the bells and whistles. Well actually, they don’t.

Instead, the newest Lincoln Aviator appears to be the first luxury SUV to feature alert chimes and alarms custom-recorded by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Instead of the standard, industry-wide “insistent beeps and synthetic alerts and safety reminders” we are all accustomed to, Lincoln chose six orchestrated snippets from over 100 recorded options for three categories of alert urgency: “non-critical, soft-warning chimes and hard-warning chimes.”

The symphonic chimes would reportedly be used on a wide range of alerts such as door ajar, headlamps on, low fuel, power lift gate lowering, gas cap open, parking brake engaged while driving, and unbuckled seatbelts and more. The alert chimes are comprised of symphonic percussion, violin andviola sounds. Skeptics may wonder if so-called “hard warning” chimes will actually be hard enough to jar drivers to attention instantly in serious situations the way the standard blaring alarms can.

Ford reportedly expects to expand the Aviator’s classical alerts to other Lincoln vehicles over time.

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