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Recreational Vehicles | Recall for Frame in 30 Days
A Thor RV was brought back to the manufacturer. Numerous collateral charges were paid back. All of the attorney fees were paid before the lawsuit. Settled the case within 30 days of calling the firm.
Ford F-150 | Buy-Back Purchase Price in 30 Days
There was a vehicle oil consumption issue before the lawsuit. A buy-back for the purchase price was issued to the client along with all of the attorney fees paid. Settled the case within 30 days of calling the firm.
Dodge, Ram Trucks | Buy-Back in 30 Days
Very professional—awesome at solving my case with my Dodge Ram. Got my case settled very fast a lot faster than I’d hoped for. Within 30 days, Tim got a full purchase buy-back price plus fees.
Dodge | Full Buy Back Vehicle and Refund on Payment
I had a 2019 Dodge Ram that was leaking water in the cab at one month old. The dealer kept the truck for two months after having to take it in twice with mold on carpets. Finally I had enough and got in touch with this firm. The dealer tried to offer me a lowball offer but Mr. Abeel got me a full buy back on my vehicle and refund on payment. The whole process was easy and they kept me up to date the entire time. I highly recommend their services to anyone dealing with a lemon.
Repurchase (Full Refund) Plus Attorney Fees
2009 New Family Sedan surging problems with transmission. Defense award at informal dispute resolution arbitration (BBB/NCDS) Plaintiff filed a lawsuit. Court arbitration award in Franklin County Pennsylvania for Plaintiff for a Lemon Law full refund and attorney fees. In addition the court denied Defendant's motions for summary judgment, denied their motion for a second vehicle inspection, denied their motion for partial summary judgment as to treble damages and the Court denied sanctions against plaintiff's counsel. One (1) year after arbitration, just prior to jury trial, the case was settled for a repurchase (full refund) and attorney fees.
Repurchase of Plaintiff’S $42,000 SUV
Plaintiff's vehicle suffered from a water leak in the front dash area of the vehicle. After successfully winning a repurchase at arbitration, Plaintiff was able to settle with Defendant for a repurchase of Plaintiff's vehicle after arbitration. The manufacturer bought back Plaintiff's forty two thousand dollar ($42,000.00) SUV.

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