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Full Refund (Lemon Law Repurchase)
Client purchased a 2012 mid-sized sedan and began having problems with the tire pressure warning light. The light continued to go on and the client was back and forth to the dealership seven times hoping to have the problem fixed. After contacting the firm the vehicle manufacturer agreed to repurchase the vehicle (issue a full refund to the client) and agreed to pay attorneys fees. This case was a difficult one to obtain a full repurchase on as the Lemon Law is mostly applicable in cases with substantial defects such as water and oil leaks, brake issues, etc.…Even so, 60 days after hiring our firm the client was completely relieved of the burden the vehicle had caused.
$15,000 Settlement
SUV with water leak resulting in $15,000.00 settlement for the client.
Settlement of $15,000 and Termination of the Lease
Client leased a new 2010 sedan. Plaintiff encountered a transmission defect in which the vehicle would not engage into drive intermittently. After a lemon win at arbitration, the case settled for $15,000.00 for the client and termination of the lease and attorney fees/costs.
Defective new SUV. Plaintiff was unable to start vehicle on numerous occasions. Arbitration award of eight thousand eight hundred sixty dollars ($8860) and attorney fees. Post arbitration settlement resulting in a repurchase of vehicle.
Settled for Arbitration Award
Vehicle was brought to the dealership seven times for a transmission shifting complaint. Dealership was never able to duplicate. Arbitration award of four thousand five hundred eighty six dollars ($4,586.00) and reasonable attorney fees. 2011 SUV.
Repurchase and Attorney Fees
2011 sedan purchased new with a pulling condition defect. Four documented repair orders, only two repair orders stating the condition. Dealer was never able to duplicate the complaint. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) arbitrator ruled for the Plaintiff resulting in a settlement prior to filing suit. Case was featured as a consumer story on CBS 3.

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