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What’s New in Recalls: Tesla & Hyundai Recalled Amid Safety Concerns

Nov 24, 2015

This past year has been historic in terms of automobile recalls, and the numbers keep growing steadily.

In November, both Tesla Motors and Hyundai Motors issued major recalls of certain models amid safety concerns, meaning significant expenses for the automakers as they are required by law to repair and replaced any recalled vehicle components. Moreover, automakers can still face liability in the event a driver or passenger in a recalled vehicle is injured while driving. This is where a competent attorney familiar with the consumer rights laws concerning automobiles is invaluable.

For Tesla, the problem involves potential dangers with the front seatbelt assemblies, which are obviously necessary to ensure the safety of both driver and passenger while the vehicle is in motion. More specifically, the company announced a worldwide recall of 90,000 Model S sedans, and stated that the expense of the recall was “immaterial.” The company issued its recall after a single complaint, which occurred when a European driver’s seatbelt came unhinged when he angled his body to talk with passengers in the backseat. Tesla stated that it has emailed Model S owners, directing them to bring the vehicle to one of 125 repair centers nationwide for inspection of a bolt that attaches the seatbelt mechanism to the floor of the vehicle.

Hyundai, on the other hand, is facing difficulties on the backend, and has recalled 305,000 Sonata sedans because of potentially defective brake lights. More specifically, the vehicle’s brake pad has a tendency to become worn, causing the plunger to stick to the brake pedal and the brake light to stay permanently illuminated. Hyundai officials are also concerned that the defect could cause problems with the safety feature that allows the vehicle to override the gas pedal to engage the brakes. However, no injuries or accidents have been reported thus far.

When your vehicle is recalled or when you are face with significant or recurrent repairs of a new vehicle, get in touch with a Lemon Law attorney as soon as possible.

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