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Ugly Accusations Against Honda in Defective Starters Lawsuit

Jul 21, 2017

Is your Honda Accord or Crosstour not starting?

Sometimes it takes a New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act lawsuit to get an auto manufacturer’s attention regarding a defective product or system. Hey there, Honda!

At least that’s what a number of Honda Accord and Crosstour owners who joined together in a proposed class-action lawsuit against the automaker claim was necessary after their individual complaints regarding defective starters were not satisfactorily resolved.

The lawsuit also reportedly accuses Honda of breach of express and implied warranties as well as the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, plus unjust enrichment, and common law fraud. Consumers have a right to expect a product will perform in the manner that is expected and that a seller will stand behind its product and remedy any defects or malfunctions.

The plaintiffs claim that Honda has known for years about defective starter problems in certain Accord and Crosstour models but has done nothing to permanently fix the starter problem or reimburse owners for their often-exorbitant repair bills. In addition, they allege Honda didn’t disclose the problem so consumers would not choose to buy a different car. Even when the warranty is still in effect, Honda allegedly “typically blames” the starter problems on “issues not covered under warranty” and then in cases where Honda did replace the starter, it was allegedly with starters that were destined to fail again. One plaintiff claimed they gave him an estimate of $903 to repair the starter. Another dealership repaired the starter for $200.

Among the Hondas with defective starter complaints are 2013–2015 Honda Accords and 2013 Honda Crosstours according to

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and is designed to protect consumers from “any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise or misrepresentation” in connection with the sale of goods, services or real estate. If found guilty of consumer fraud, treble damages (three times the amount of damages) may be assessed against a defendant.

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