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Two Chrysler Auto Recalls—One Bitty, One Big

How small can an auto recall be?

Pennsylvania and New Jersey Fiat Chrysler auto defects attorneys are talking about a new big minivan and a small SUV auto recall by automaker. (Actually, the small recall is so tiny, that no one is really talking about it.)

Attention American soccer moms and dads—and everyone else who rocks a mini-van that seats eight people: Fiat Chrysler has recalled nearly 50,000 Pacifica minivans from model year 2017–2018 due to defective seatbelt buckles in the second-row center seating.

Specifically, Chrysler’s testing determined that “an outboard second-row seat belt buckle could unlatch when the release button on the buckle contacts the buckle of an adjacent occupant”. In plain English, that kid in the center seat of the second-row could be in danger of unbuckling if others are seated in the same row.

When the unintended release occurred in a test involving a front-facing child seat, Chrysler reportedly decided to recall the affected vehicles even though it claims it would take “extreme handling maneuvers” for an occupant to get one buckle to touch another. There are reportedly no “breach of warranty claims, complaints, crashes or injuries related to the problem”.

Again, families with 7-seater Pacifica minivans are reportedly not affected. Those with affected 8-seaters are advised not to use the second-row center seat with riders in adjacent seats until the problem is remedied. It is anticipated that the recall will involve installation of shorter second-row seat belt buckles.

In other Chrysler (barely) news, what may be the tiniest auto recall ever was also issued. It reportedly only involved four (4) 2017 Dodge Durango SUVs. The vehicles’ rear axle halfshafts are too short which may cause “disengaging from the differential, leaving the SUV without the ability to keep moving.” The owners of the four (4) affected vehicles have reportedly been advised of the recall and the need to replace both rear axle halfshafts.

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