Tesla Owner Claims Car Drove Itself into the House

What happens if my car crashes while self-parking?

Don’t you just hate it when your car drives itself into the house? Twice.

Well, that’s what one couple who is suing Tesla says happened. And Tesla Model S defects attorneys are watching the case.

According to the plaintiffs, their 2016 Tesla Model S—which was equipped with Autopark and Summon as part of its $3,000 “full self-driving capability” system—crashed into the home two times while using the two self-driving features. Plaintiffs allege that “defective sensors and software” were responsible for the crashes.

As anyone who has taken a road test can confirm, parallel parking or perpendicular parking can be difficult. That’s a main reason why owners are attracted to the Autopark feature.

If you like the idea using a key or app to move your car out of a parking space from outside the car, the Summon feature would be of interest.

The plaintiffs in the case at hand claim the first crash occurred the first time they used both features. Then, after finally getting the repaired car back after what they allege took “months”, it happened again.

The alleged second incident happened with the car already in the garage when plaintiffs claim it “traveled left and drove itself into the side of the garage”. After that incident, plaintiff claims the automaker refused to repair the system. And then, days later, allegedly advised plaintiffs that they would no longer service the vehicle at all.

You don’t have to be at the mercy of automakers or dealers when your vehicles don’t perform as they should. You may be entitled to damages under a breach of warranty claim, a lemon law claim, or have recourse under other consumer protection laws.

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