Suing a Car Dealer for Injuries in Unreported Stolen Car Accident

May 15, 2018

Does a dealer have a duty to report stolen vehicles and plates?

Sometimes auto dealers find themselves in legal hot water over allegations of dealer fraud by consumers. Common forms of dealer fraud may include inflating the invoice price, bait and switch deceptive advertising, failure to disclose prior accidents or flood damage, odometer rollbacks, and more. Another common problem for automakers is auto recalls.

Chevrolet defects attorneys are well-versed in handling problems for many Chevy makes and models including airbag problems, engine oil leaks, excessive vibration, and much more. But a recent lawsuit against a Chevy dealership regarding a 2016 Chevy Tahoe SUV was definitely unusual.

The novel lawsuit stems from devastating injuries reportedly suffered by a police officer when the driver of an allegedly stolen Chevy Tahoe accelerated and drove into the officer running over his skull and causing severe and life-threatening injuries “including a skull fracture, bleeding on the brain and internal injuries… leaving him with severe mental and physical injuries that require 24-hour professional care”.

The pursuit that led to the injury reportedly began when police noticed the Tahoe with dealer plates in the driveway of a wanted man. Tracing the dealer plates on the vehicle to a local dealership, the police were then advised it was stolen two months earlier and dealer plates were also stolen or missing. But the dealership allegedly never reported the theft or missing plates, and certainly not within 10 days as required by Department of Revenue regulations.

The newlywed officer and his wife further argue that the Chevy dealer “should’ve known the strong correlation between vehicle thefts and crashes, yet… allegedly failed to secure its inventory and failed in its duty to report the theft.” Attorneys are watching with interest how this case will resolve.

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