Some Owners Have a Dim View of Cadillac

What can I do if my headlights are dim or fail?

Cadillac. Its name was one of the earliest symbols of luxury in the automotive industry. Not only is it generally associated with success or being top-of-the-line, the term “Cadillac” has been used in songs throughout history, and has been used in non-automotive circles by marketers trying to benefit from the Cadillac name, birthing the comparative phrase “the Cadillac of x” for products and services like vacuums, health plans, and Christmas trees.

But Cadillac defects attorneys have learned of a proposed class-action lawsuit that may dim the shine of the Cadillac brand.

Speaking of dimming, Cadillac owners and lessees are complaining that the headlights in 2010–2015 Cadillac SRX SUVs are too dim—and sometimes fail completely. The problem is allegedly due to faulty seals and vents of the exterior headlight housing units which can cause the bulbs to fail due to condensation, corrosion of components, and electrical shorts.

Reportedly, drivers are afraid of driving at night for fear of losing the power to see with their low-beam headlights—or to be seen by other drivers if the lights fail completely.

This isn’t a new complaint. Since 2011, similar complaints have reportedly been met by General Motors implementing customer satisfaction programs and technical service bulletins which the plaintiffs allege haven’t resolved the headlight issue.

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