Shocking Jeep Compass Battery Issue Prompts Auto Recall

Sep 15, 2017

Did the 2017 Jeep Compass lose its way?

If you are the owner of a new Jeep Compass, you may need direction from an auto recall attorney.

How ironic is the claim that a Compass could allegedly fail to give owners the proper directions?

Jeep defects attorneys have been busy in recent years due to a wide range of problems in various Jeep vehicles. For the second time in a single year, a Jeep Compass recall has been issued. Approximately three months after recalling models equipped with a faulty and potentially dangerous six-speed transmission, a battery-related recall has now been issued that sent engineers back to the books—literally.

The problem—which affects essentially all 2017 Jeep Compass SUVs built for the North American market prior to May, 2017—involves a defective user guide manual. Specifically, the instructions and accompanying photo for jump-starting the battery are erroneous and following them could:

  • “fry” any number of the vehicle’s computers
  • burn out the radio
  • burn out the windshield wipers
  • destroy several other electrical components
  • blow up the battery if the jumper cables are hooked up to it improperly.

After April 28, 2017, the models had the correct manuals. Under the recall, Chrysler will “notify owners and replace the incorrect user’s guides”.

While a complaint was allegedly lodged about the issue, no known warranty claims, injuries or crashes have apparently been reported regarding following the erroneous battery-related instructions of the initial user guide.

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