Shattering Silence on Prius Defective Windshield Claims

Mar 21, 2018

Should allegedly excessive cracking and chipping windshields spark an auto recall?

Who hasn’t been white-knuckle driving along the freeway behind a big construction truck from which bits of debris starts flying? As tiny pebbles bounce off the roadway and plink against your windshield, you hold your breath and hope no chips or cracks result. As frustrating as that situation is, imagine waking up and finding mysterious cracks in the windshield that weren’t there the night before.

According to a recent proposed class-action lawsuit, Toyota Prius owners allege that certain Prius windshields in 2016-2017 models are defective and should be subject to an auto recall because they “can chip and crack not only while driving but while the cars are parked”. Plaintiffs allege they have been denied warranty coverage by dealers and have been forced to replace the allegedly defective windshields at their own expense—sometimes more than once.

Toyota defects attorneys are watching the case with interest.

Allegedly, the rapidly-expanding cracks cause visibility problems and can also interfere with the “Safety Sense” package in some Prius cars—which contains safety features that rely on a properly-functioning front camera. Specifically, it alleges a “cracked and chipped windshield can interfere with the camera’s visibility, line of sight and perceived orientation.”

Some previous owners complain they have been unable to afford the high cost of replacing the windshields and/or fixing the related camera problems. Others claim the problem is so widespread that replacement windshields are often out of stock. In both of these cases, drivers must choose between driving potentially unsafe cars or losing the use of their vehicle until the repair can be made.

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