Rising Oil Levels in Honda CR-Vs Sparks Recall Woes Abroad

Jul 6, 2018

Can the government reject a planned auto recall?

More often than not, auto recalls related to oil have to do with oil loss, leakage, or excessive consumption. But Honda defects attorneys and Honda officials in the United States are interested in recent reports impacting approximately 350,000 Hondas in China—specifically rising oil level complaints in certain Honda CR-V SUV and Civic model years.

Reportedly, Honda announced a planned auto recall of 350,000 Honda CR-V SUVs and Honda Civics in China. Vehicle owners there complained of:

  • rising oil levels
  • fuel smell problems
  • illuminated engine warning lights
  • damaged engines.

According to the automaker, “fuel mixing with the engine oil” causes the rising oil levels and fuel odors. Because cold climates and short drives contribute significantly to the problem, vehicles in extremely northern areas of China were often impacted. Short drives allegedly don’t allow engines to heat up sufficiently for excess fuel to evaporate and recycle as usual—so “it builds up and remains in the oil pan”, causing levels to rise.

But the planned auto recall was reportedly rejected by Chinese regulators who demanded that Honda “do more to address and fix the oil level and gas odor problems”, than its planned adjustments to “the time and speed of the engines and updates of the fuel injection timing and gasoline injection control software”. Until then, a stop–sale on the new SUVs is in effect in China and regulators in the United States are closely watching for similar symptoms and concerns in those vehicles here.

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