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Recent Success in Lemon Law Cases

Sep 24, 2014

As a consumer, you do not always get what we bargained for.

When it comes to a big purchase, such as a vehicle, it is important that you have some type of recourse. This is where the Lemon Laws become important. Vehicle Lemon Laws are meant to protect a consumer who purchases an automobile that is defective in some way. At Timothy Abeel & Associates, we have a wide variety of experience in this area which has allowed us to obtain great results for our clients, even in difficult cases, such as the two listed below.

A client purchased a 2012 mid-sized sedan and began having problems with the tire pressure warning light. The light continued to go on and the client was back and forth to the dealership seven times hoping to have the problem fixed. After contacting the firm and retaining our attorney, Richard A. Scholer, the vehicle manufacturer agreed to repurchase the vehicle (issue a full refund to the client) and agreed to pay attorneys fees. This case was a difficult one as the Lemon Law is mostly applicable in cases of water and oil leaks, brake issues, etc…Even so, 60 days after hiring our firm the client was completely relieved of the burden the vehicle had caused.

Another client purchased a brand new 2014 SUV and soon after the sun roof started leaking. The client, who was an attorney, tried to handle the case themselves but made no headway with the manufacturer. After retaining Timothy Abeel the client was given a replacement SUV at no cost. Many clients try to handle these cases themselves and either end up making no progress or accepting less than they are entitled to. That is why it is essential to retain an attorney with significant experience in this area in order to get results.

In another instance, a client purchased a sedan for over $100,000. When the vehicle began having an issue with it’s warning lights, the client brought the vehicle back and forth to the dealership four times. When the vehicle was out of service for over 40 days, the client, also an attorney, attempted to negotiate with the manufacturer to have the vehicle bought back. When his communications with the manufacturer went no where, he contacted Timothy Abeel. In a short amount of time, Tim was able to have the manufacturer repurchase the vehicle and pay attorneys fees.

The client in this case has said:

“Tim is very responsive to emails/phone calls, and has excellent insight in how best to deal with vehicle manufacturers. He resolved my lemon law claim very quickly. I strongly encourage any consumer having a lemon law issue with their vehicle to contact Tim.”

As this area of law is unique, these cases should be handled by attorneys who are veterans in this field. Contact an experienced Lemon Law attorney today for a free consultation.

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