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Nissan Versa Airbag Inflator Recall Expected

Aug 19, 2017

What is the reason for the alleged upcoming Versa recall?

As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, the Takata airbag auto recall is the most expensive and farthest reaching auto recall in American history, having already impacted “tens of millions of vehicles from numerous automakers” across the board.

Nissan defects attorneys are awaiting an expected new Nissan recall. Nissan is reportedly preparing to announce a new Takata airbag-related recall of over 515,000 Versa sedans and hatchbacks, generally affecting model years 2007 through 2011 or 2012, for a particularly unique driver’s side airbag inflator defect.

The allegedly defective driver’s side airbag inflator known as “PSDI—5”—which “contains the drying agent (desiccant) calcium sulfate”– was reportedly not used in any other Nissan vehicles other than the Versa, which makes this upcoming recall unique.

Reportedly, in over a year of testing Versa PSDI-5 driver’s airbag inflators with calcium sulfate, “none have ruptured” and one showed “an elevated internal pressure”, but there still could be “potential of the inflators exploding over time”.

Nissan reportedly plans on replacing the Versa’s driver’s side airbag inflators “with new ones made by a company other than Takata” once it has secured the replacement parts. Owners of affected models will be able to have the repair done at authorized service centers at no cost.

In a nutshell, the previously-reported Takata airbag recalls discussed on this blog were made to many different vehicles from virtually every major automotive manufacturer because the long–term exposure to highly humid climates increased the likelihood of the bags exploding, even upon minimal impact, and propelling metal shards from the inflator throughout the vehicle’s cabin—killing and/or severely injuring its occupants.

Adding to the problem of that prior recall is that the older the cars get, the faster they may be approaching the “long-term exposure” danger zone and the higher the risk gets of airbag explosion. Also, the older the affected cars get, the more likely ownership has changed hands repeatedly from the original owner and hence the ability to get recall notices into the hands of the recalled vehicle’s current owner decreases. At least 11 deaths have been attributed to that defect so far.

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