Massive Tesla Auto Recall Plagues Brand

May 8, 2018

What should Tesla owners or potential owners know about the latest recall?

Tesla’s name is synonymous with self-driving automotive technology. Being the first to produce semi-autonomous technology made Tesla a household name in an industry that hadn’t seen such a major advancement in ages. Consumers were intrigued by cars with auto-pilot technology and many investors wanted a piece of the action. But the automaker has been plagued by auto recalls and claims that its technology may be responsible for “several high-profile crashes”. Reports indicate the company’s stock has been negatively impacted recently as well.

The cumulative effect of Model 3 sedan production problems, a fatal crash problem, financial problems—and a new steering-related recall of “almost half of all the vehicles” Tesla ever produced—could be tarnishing the brand’s reputation among investors as well as potential buyers or lessees.

For reportedly the third time since coming on the market, the Model S is being recalled. This latest recall impacts 123,000 Model S sedans built prior to April 2016. The sedan’s steering bolts are subject to “excessive corroding” and potential cracking or complete failure that could result in a “total loss of power assistance to steering”. According to Tesla, no accidents or injuries have been reported related to this component.

When an auto recall is issued, the defective system or parts that prompted the recall will be replaced at the automaker’s expense. Affected owners or lessees can contact their local authorized service center to arrange for the repair free of charge.

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