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Love and Lubrication Makes a Subaru

Jan 22, 2018

What can I do if my Subaru engine fails prematurely?

It’s been said that love makes a Subaru. Well, there are several Subaru owners who expect a bit more in their cars.

Subaru defects attorneys have learned of a proposed class action lawsuit regarding alleged defects and engine failure in 2009-2014 Subaru WRX and WRX-STI cars.

The plaintiffs have called the WRX engines “modified high-performance versions” of other Subaru engines and claim that despite having almost double the engine horsepower of those other models, the WRX engines “allegedly have severe problems with oil lubrication to the bearings and crankshafts which doesn’t create enough lubrication to properly protect the engines from problems.”

Specifically, plaintiffs’ suit alleges complete engine failure of their cars—including one car engine going “kaput” with as little as 9,000 original miles on the odometer. In addition to the “serious safety risk” of the engine failing without warning while in use and the frustration of being stranded when it does, plaintiffs claim the exorbitant cost of a replacement engine can be upwards of $8,000. Not only is this cost prohibitive, but it’s unacceptable to owners who feel the engine failure should not have happened at all, much less so prematurely.

“Catastrophic engine failure” has also been reported in a similar Subaru class-action lawsuit involving 2013–2014 WRX and WRX-STI cars reportedly manufactured with “defective ‘EJ’ short block engines”. Owners and lessees complain that bearings “disintegrate and fracture” prior to engine failure as a result of insufficient oil to coat the bearing surfaces.

Apparently, it takes sufficient oil lubrication, in addition to love, to make a Subaru—or at least to make one that is loved back.

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