Lemon Laws Used to Address Problematic 2015 Jeep Cherokees

I just bought a 2015 Jeep Cherokee, and I am already experiencing problems with the transmission system. Do I have any legal recourse?

When it comes to selecting a new car, the last thought on most buyers’ minds is avoiding a catastrophic, systemic transmission failure after just 3,000 miles. However, unfortunately, this is has proven to be a reality for a number of 2015 Jeep Cherokee purchasers—many of whom report a contemporaneous failure of the vehicle’s electrical system as well.

According to reports from several Jeep Cherokee owners—particularly the 2015 Trail Hawk model—vehicles with as little as 1,500 miles on the odometer are displaying a “check engine” light, shifting hard, stalling, and creating noticeable “thumping” noises within the chassis. These same owners, hoping to fix the problem quickly and continue down the road, are being met with difficult dealerships refusing to make timely, accurate repairs. Fortunately, New York and New Jersey Lemon Laws apply to this situation, and mandate that the dealer must take immediate corrective action on this type of problem—or face significant exposure to liability.

Lemon Laws apply to newly purchased or acquired automobiles that, despite several attempts at repair, are experiencing one or more major defects that impact drivability and safety. For vehicle owners in this situation, a Lemon Law attorney can help ensure the dealership understands and recognizes owners’ rights, including the right to a full refund of the purchase price—plus expenses (e.g., towing, repairs, inspection, etc.). Lemon Laws also protect consumers from wayward dealerships that attempt to circumvent these laws, since a dealer is not permitted to waive or disclaim the rights contained under these statutes.

In New Jersey, Lemon Laws apply to any vehicle 2 years or newer or within its first 24,000 miles. In Pennsylvania, Lemon Laws apply to vehicles within the first year or 12,000 miles.

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