Lawsuit Alleges Chevy Equinox Consumes Excessive Oil

What can I do if my car consumes excessive oil?

With the price of gasoline rising in recent years, many people have moved away from so-called “gas guzzlers” in favor of more fuel-efficient vehicles or even electric cars. But some SUV owners may have more than gas mileage to worry about.

Chevy defects attorneys have learned of a lawsuit over excessive oil consumption allegedly impacting 2010-2017 Chevy Equinox models with 2.4L engines. The suit claims the SUVs reportedly guzzle “as much is 1 quart of oil per 1000 miles”—a fact plaintiffs claim the automaker knew or should’ve known but failed to correct or disclose to consumers.

In support of this claim, plaintiffs cite reported technical service bulletins allegedly claiming that certain Chevy Equinox model years, equipped with a 2.4 L engine “may exhibit excessive engine oil consumption (less than 2000 miles per quart of engine oil) due to piston ring wear”.

In addition, one of the lead plaintiffs allegedly received an extension of his warranty to have the excessive oil consumption problem repaired but was required to first submit the vehicle for an oil consumption test. The test required the vehicle be brought in to the dealership for an oil check every 500 miles for a total of 2000 miles, or essentially four service visits, to determine if the pistons and rings needed replacement. Only then would a repair be authorized under warranty. The plaintiff reportedly refused to submit to the “inconvenient” testing schedule and took legal action.

Some symptoms of excessive oil consumption reportedly include a “ticking noise” upon starting and anything from “subtly rocking” to “noticeably bucking” back-and-forth when stopping.

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