It’s a Jeep Thing: Automakers Refusing to Fix Water Leaks in Certain Models

What can I do if my brand new Jeep is leaking water and the dealership is refusing to fix the problem?

If you are the proud new owner of a Jeep and are experiencing water leakage issues, you are far from alone. Across the board, nearly every make of Jeep has reportedly caused its owner issues ranging from minor dampness to full-blown mold and permanent damage. Moreover, owners have reported a noted difficulty in successfully arranging a repair with the dealership, prompting many to turn to the services of an experienced and aggressive Lemon Law attorney to right this wrong.

According to widespread customer complaints, water leakage can occur through the windows, dome lights, doors and door handles. Consumers have also reported problems with hard—and soft-top convertibles and sunroofs—and have even had damage occur to items in the trunk due to leakage through the tail lights.

Under New Jersey and Pennsylvania Lemon Laws, the manufacturer is required to either replace the vehicle or implement a full repair free of charge, provided the customer has requested a reasonable number of repairs to fix the problem (usually three). If the manufacturer still refuses to remedy the issue, despite repeated repair attempts, it may be time to launch a cause of action under the Lemon Law for damages suffered as a result of the obvious defect. In this event, consumers can receive a replacement vehicle (or the value of what they spent on the defective model), as well as reimbursement for incidental expenses incurred—including a rental vehicle or mechanical inspection.

Keep in mind that the Lemon Laws apply to new vehicles with defects apparent within one year of purchase—so do not delay if you sense a problem.

If you are experiencing water leakage issues with your Jeep, be sure to contact a reputable Lemon Law attorney.

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