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Is Your Ford Explorer Drawing a Blank?

Since hitting the market three decades ago, the Ford Explorer has been a giant in the SUV market. Just a few years after its initial release, the model was one of the ten best selling vehicles in the United States. Over the years, the Explorer has continued to have a huge presence in the market. In 2020, month after month after month, the Explorer was one of the top selling midsize SUVs in the country. 

In recent years, there have been a number of different complaints from Ford Explorer owners regarding their vehicles. One Explorer owner described how the power on their vehicle would randomly shut off, making the car go into park. This Explorer only had 200 miles on it. In addition, the vehicle sometimes won’t start, and the dashboard lights flash. When the owner brought the vehicle to the dealer, the dealer found 19 pages worth of codes.

Another customer complained that their 2021 Ford Explorer does not recognize their keys, and that their remote start was not functional. In addition, at times the navigation screen would not load at all, only showing a blank screen, and the tailgate would not go up. The dealership reprogrammed the Explorer’s Body Control Module so that the keys could function with the remote start and smart unlock function, and they reprogrammed the Accessory Protocol Interface Module through a USB port to correct the screen issue. But a brand new Explorer with less than 7,000 should not be having these issues.

These stories provide a window into some of the issues that owners of recent Ford Explorers are having with their vehicles. There are a number of other reported stories of Ford Explorer owners who have faced different issues, from dealing with malfunctioning touch screens to software issues. Recently, Ford and Lincoln announced a recall that affected over a million vehicles, including Explorers. This recall will address an issue with Explorer screens going black while reversing using a software patch.

Explorer owners are spending significant amounts of time and money trying to identify and repair these issues on vehicles that are less than one year old. If you have purchased a Ford Explorer and believe that your vehicle is faulty, you may be entitled to compensation for any repairs that you have made, or even a replacement vehicle. State lemon laws and federal warranty laws may protect you. 

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