Inaccurate Fuel Ratings and Electric Charge Ranges

Jul 31, 2014

Gas prices have skyrocketed in the last ten years.

For some, it can feel like they are spending a small fortune whenever they fill up their vehicle. With gas prices constantly fluctuating and an increasingly environmentally conscious population, the consumer and manufacturer alike have been focusing on fuel economy and the widespread manufacturing of hybrid vehicles.

Fuel economy and electric charge range are main factors considered by consumers when leasing or purchasing an automobile. All cars are given a fuel rating and/or electric charge range by the Environmental Protection Agency. While many variables affect these ratings, cars are supposed to perform at around their estimated fuel or charge range on a regular basis. Sometimes, due to a problem with the particular car or a mistake in the calculations of the rating, a vehicle does not perform in accordance with the estimated range.

In the last several years two automakers have been at the center of fuel range/electric charge range disputes. Ford Motor Company overestimated the fuel and electric charge range of six of their models. The vehicles in question included gas and hybrid models. After the discovery, they lowered the fuel ratings for these models and began compensating customers. Hyundai Motors and its sister company, Kia Motors, were implicated in a similar dispute when it was discovered that fuel ratings for eight of their vehicles had been overestimated. They too began reimbursing customers.

Although these types of disputes often result in minimal compensation from the auto manufacturer, you may choose to pursue compensation under your states lemon law. The overestimation of fuel rating and/or electric charge range is a misrepresentation made by the manufacturer. As fuel economy is a major factor when deciding on an automobile, an incorrect rating is a substantial impairment to the consumer. This substantial impairment can be the basis for a lemon law claim.

If you have leased or purchased a vehicle with an incorrect fuel or electric charge range, call a lemon law attorney to discuss your case today.

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