How an Auto Recall Comes to Be

Aug 3, 2018

How does an auto recall get issued?

Have you ever wondered how an auto recall comes to be instituted? Let’s examine a situation that Kia defects attorneys and Hyundai defects attorneys will be monitoring to see if an auto recall is ordered.

One way auto recalls may occur is when the Center for Auto Safety (“CAS”) petitions the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) to investigate a suspected safety problem that has come to its attention as a result of being the subject of numerous owner or lessee complaints.

One such requested investigation could impact more than 200,000 2011–2014 Kia Sorrento, Kia Optima, Hyundai Santa Fe and Hyundai Sonata vehicles.

Recently, the CAS petitioned the NHTSA to investigate the above-referenced Kia and Hyundai models due to more than 100 complaints of non-collision engine fires allegedly caused by melted wires and 200 additional complaints of smoking, burning odors in the engine compartment allegations.

Owner complaints have alleged that their vehicles caught fire while turned off and parked in home garages or public parking lots—sometimes after significant amounts of time passed and/or after very little driving time. Owners made claims that their home went up in flames after their vehicle parked in the garage ignited or that they’d come out from shopping to find their car ablaze in the parking lot.

The CAS has noted a “troubling pattern of fires” in that three of the four models of vehicles were reportedly manufactured in the same assembly plant—thereby raising the possibility that suppliers to that particular plant may have provided faulty parts.

Additionally, the CAS also notes that when comparing engine fire statistics, “the number of Hyundai and Kia engine fires far outweigh competitive vehicles”.

Whenever an auto recall is issued, vehicle owners and lessees can bring their vehicles to an authorized service center for repair at no cost to them. Sometimes, an auto recall is voluntarily issued by the automaker and other times it is ordered by the government in response to numerous safety complaints and investigations.

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