Honda Rising Oil Levels an Issue in Some CR-Vs

Nov 12, 2018

What happens if gas leaks into the oil?

Honda defects attorneys have become aware of an apparent problem with the 2017–2018 Honda CRV vehicles with 1.5—liter engines. An investigation is reportedly underway due to numerous owner complaints about “irregularly high oil levels” which Honda claims are “primarily from the northern areas of the country during extreme cold weather conditions”—though it should be noted that complaints have also reportedly been received also been received from warm climate areas as well. In addition, certain Hondas in China have reportedly been affected by the same issue.

Generally, vehicle owners need only be concerned with oil levels dropping over time. So, when they rise, there must be a reason for it. And it is a situation that requires a prompt fix since it can damage the engine components in the long-term.

While an investigation is ongoing, it’s been suggested that “gasoline that hasn’t been vaporized in combustion appears to be washing down the cylinders and mixing with the oil”. If this is in fact the case, it may impact “the longevity and general health” of the engine since oil diluted with gasoline would not lubricate the engine properly thereby eventually “causing rapid wear on components”. According to a Honda, it is not clear whether the automaker will recall or replace affected vehicles until its investigation is completed.

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