Honda CR-V Vibration Problem Has the Potential for Lemon Law Claims

What type of problem can be the basis for a lemon law claim?

With the great advances in the automotive field, it is always hard to believe when there is a mass defect in a certain type of vehicle or part. Unfortunately, this happens more than we realize and affects some of the most widely purchased brands. For example, in the recent past, certain Toyota vehicles were defective in a way that made them accelerate on their own. This was very dangerous and led to multiple deaths. If a vehicle is defective, the consumer may have a lemon law claim, even if the defect is a widespread one affecting many different vehicles of the same make or model.

One of the world’s most popular automakers, Honda, is currently experiencing a widespread issue. Many consumers have complained that their new Honda CR-V is vibrating defectively. The complaints usually include claims that the car shakes and vibrates while it is idling and/or being driven. Some cases are more severe than others, with some customers claiming a mild annoyance and others citing a safety concern.

This vibration issue is affecting a lot of people and has been evidenced by traffic on Internet forums and formal complaints. Over ten grievances have been filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some claiming that the vehicle is unsafe as the vibration is distracting to the driver. While it is unclear what is actually causing the problem, a representative from Honda has expressed that the company does not believe that it is the engine, as other models utilize the same one. It seems more likely that it is the transmission, at least according to reports to the NHTSA. Honda is looking into the issue further.

Lemon laws vary from state to state. But, it is generally the case that if a defect makes a vehicle unsafe or causes it to be out of service for a certain period of time, that the lemon law applies and provides a remedy for the consumer. While it is unclear at this time whether the vibration issue causes the CR-V to be dangerous or impaired, Honda may be facing a slew of lemon lawsuits in the near future.

A skilled Lemon Law attorney can represent consumers with lemon law claims. If you think that your vehicle might be defective in some way, call a reputable Lemon Law attorney today!

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